You Have To Work To Be Happy?

Last Update: January 19, 2016

Yesterday, we discussed how we must find that elusive bluebird of happiness. We must visualize what happiness means to us in order to attain it. However, once we have that visual, making it a reality is a little tougher. It is going to require work. It is going to require our 4th word: Discipline.

There Is No Escape

Jim Rohn says that the accquistion of discipline is key to our dreams and aspirations. After all, they will always remain dreams and aspirations if we are not willing to work at achieving them.

One thing that has struck me about this book is the idea that without any direction in life, we drift along aimlessly and bitterly. When there is no direction and focus for where we are going, there is no need to focus on the things we want. I, for one, never really envisioned my future. I drifted along aimlessly and used companecny as an excuse to live my life of doing nothing. Not anymore.

I love that Rohn says "discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment." So again, we must have a thought about where we are going and then work hard to move toward that vision. Without it, you are like a kite without the wind.

Not My Fault

What is interesting about discipline, is that people do not see lack of success as a lack of disciopline. People want to blame outside forces for why they failed rather than looking at the bigger picture.

For example; we all get upset when we see our neighbors getting thrown out of their house. We think how unfair of the bank to repossess it or the landlord to just kick them out. What we fail to see is all the failures along the way that lead up to this. Not paying the rent or mortgage is a sure fire way to get yourself homeless in no time and yet we have an attitude of "not my fault" or "give me one more chance." If you don't learn discipline, no amount of chances will save you.

How To Get Discipline

Since reading Rohn's book, I have found myself asking many times what am I doing today that is positive for my business. About 5 days a week, I head over to the library for about 3 hours to work on my business. However, 4 of those days I am going there right after an 8 hour shift at my day job and the 5th day is my one day on the weekend to have off. So why do I do it?

Rohn says that discipline is the key to success, wealth, self esteem, accomplishment, and pride. Without it, you go no where. Getting discipline requires 3 things:

1. You have to develop an awareness of what is important in your life. Ask "what do I want to accomplish in my life?" and "what changes do I need to make to reach that goal?"

2. Take a HONEST look at yourself and ask "am I willing to do what it takes?" Remember that what it takes could be working 12 hour days, like me, away from friends and family. It could me making sacrifices to pay your dues here to keep your website running. You have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

3. Whatever it takes will be tested over and over and so will your commitment. That is why you have to be committed to whatever it takes because road blocks are waiting everywhere for you.

Rohn says that discipline will change you. Even the smallest accompishments will have a serious boost to your attitude. And don't be shy about shouting those tiny accomplishments to anyone who can hear. You deserve it.

When Do I Start

Remember that concepyt of not blaming yourself. Well your failures are really a result of lack of discipline. And that failure happens each and every time we fail to act, care, strive, climb, learn, or keep going TODAY.

Today is when you start. Think about what you need to do today to be successful. Say you want to write a blog post, but you don't get it published. Then you are behind 1 blog post today.

Say you want to make contact with 10 new people on social media but you only contact 5. You are behind 5 people today. That means tomorrow you need to cintact 15 people to break even.

Success, however, works in opposiote of failure. If you say you want to publish a blog today, and you publish one and finish writing another, then you are ahead a blog post today. If you make contact with 13 people on social media you are ahead 3 people today. And getting ahead meakes all the difference between success and failure.

What Can You Do

Mr. Rohn challeneges all of us to make today the first day of a week of new beginings. So see how many things you can start and continue this week toward your vision of who and where you want to be. Then make this week your motnh. Then make it your year. If you can make it 1 year, Mr. Rohn says you will not be claimed by the past bad habits, regrets, and failure. You will soar.

Are you up for the challenge?

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Maxiam59 Premium
Yes I am and I see that you respect Mr. Rohn there are a lot of motivational speakers out there like Grant Cardone and Zigg Ziggler to mention a few but you also have it all you need to do is think it see it and be it all the best Max
jessbarz Premium
I have lots of respect for Mr. Rohn. I have not heard of Cardone, but I also love Ziggler. They are all very wonderful, but even Rohn says to be careful and not get so absorbed in their message that you fail to take action.
MartinaWA Premium
I have also realized the importance of discipline for achieving what you want. I'm definitely up to the challenge.
jessbarz Premium
Wonderful. I wish you the best of luck.