How to Start Making Money Online Today by Blogging Here

Last Update: February 07, 2016

So, you've picked your niche, you've started building your own website, you've got it SEO ready, you've created some quality content, you have your own domain, you're targeting low-hanging fruit, and you've joined some affiliate programs, you've added their links to your website, you've mastered social engagement... Now when will the money start rolling in?

How to Start Making Money Online Today by Blogging on Wealthy Affiliate

The money on your niche site WILL start rolling in if you keep working hard on it every day, and you continue to follow the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

But it does take time. If you work on your site every single day, it can still take at least six months for google to start seeing your site as an authority site in your niche area.

Which is all to be expected. You're starting a business here, and getting a business off the ground takes time.

But did you know that you can start making money online today by blogging right here at Wealthy Affiliate?

That's right. While your new site will take a good six months to a year to gain authority on google and the other search engines, Wealthy Affiliate already has that authority.

If you make sure that you target low-hanging-fruit keywords and blog on Wealthy Affiliate everyday, you will start to earn money relatively quickly because your Wealthy Affiliate blogs will rank in the search engines quickly.

And everyone who comes to Wealthy Affiliate through any content you create will automatically count as your referral if they join unless someone else has shared your content with their affiliate link appended (which is another great way to start earning money straight away--you can share any content on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the "Affiliate" button at the top of the page and sharing that link--we're a sharing community here!)

Are you not yet a Wealthy Affiliate Member?

What? Why not?!? You must have gotten here by clicking on something regarding making money online today.

Joining as a Wealthy Affiliate Starter Member is free. Taking the first ten lessons on making money online here is free. Building and hosting two websites... free.

So give it a go! Just click "Create a Free Account" at the top of this page.

You'll not only learn quickly how to make money online, you'll meet a community of thousands and thousands of other people doing the same, some of whom are new, but many others of whom like me have been doing this for years and are happy to help.

Speaking of which... Any questions? Any comments? Please share them below. I love to help in any way I can!


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Yes if you aren't in here being active you will not get ahead.
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Thanks Jeremy! I haven't blogged yet but will start soon.....:)
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Hi Jeremy, thanks for sharing this great tip, another good reason to keep blogging on WA.
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Can we get a third?
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Ahh see that one up there next to FB?
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JeremyWest Premium
Well... 2 now because I shared it myself. :-)