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January 31, 2019
Often, when you are your own boss, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get started each day. I have found that myself, and it is obviously important to motivate yourself if you want to succeed at anything, but particularly if you want to succeed at being your own boss. So, how do I motivate myself?I motivate myself in several different ways.But I would say the most important thing to be aware of is that motivation does not normally come before you start doing something, it comes as a re
Q: mtmse writes: "Not sure how to add content to my website without copying other established content." ( How to Find Things to Write About on a Blog:My main blogging takes place right here on Wealthy Affiliate, so I get ideas just by looking at questions that people post here. If your niche involves affiliate marketing, this may be a way for you to come up with topics as well.1. Click on "Activity Dashboard" on the top left sidebar here,
A commenter over at said she is having trouble deciding what affiliate product to review. That inspired this blog.Her niche seems to be making money online, so I'll focus on that, but these techniques can be used for any affiliate marketing niche.The first thing I would do in trying to find a product to review within my niche would be to google my niche and see which products come up on the first page.Searching for "make money online", for e
So, you've picked your niche, you've started building your own website, you've got it SEO ready, you've created some quality content, you have your own domain, you're targeting low-hanging fruit, and you've joined some affiliate programs, you've added their links to your website, you've mastered social engagement... Now when will the money start rolling in? How to Start Making Money Online Today by Blogging on Wealthy AffiliateThe money on your niche site WILL start rolling in if you keep worki
In a continued quest to answer everyone online's questions about internet marketing, I've come across one that Wealthy Affiliate answers quite well:How to Increase Traffic to My Blog with Low Hanging FruitWell, technically, the question was "How to Increase Traffic to My Blog with" as per the below picture:As the picture shows, an average of 295 people per month search for "how to increase traffic to my blog with" and only 2 results come up in google with those exact words in that exact order.A
These days, everyone and their cat seems to have their own website. But if you are reading this, you may be one of the few people who do not yet have their own website. I know this because I just found out that about 48 people a month search the exact wordsHow Do I Create My Own Website Free?and no one seems to have answered that exact question in those exact words (to see the neat tool I used to figure that out, click "Jaaxy" near the bottom of the sidebar on the left).If you are one of those
This blog is more for those who have never heard of Wealthy Affiliate than those who are already members, but it can also serve as a good reminder for newbs who have not quite got their affiliate business off the ground yet.The question at hand is:What Business Can I Start with Little Money?Affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing is the perfect business to start with little money. I started my first successful affiliate marketing website with the $14 it takes to register a domain name (see http
There are companies that pay for your travel and there areCompanies that pay for you to travel.With companies that pay for your travel, you don't usually get to see much. You'd be hard pressed to remember where you've been, because the two places you'll spend in every city you are paid to travel to will be your hotel room (which will look nearly the same as every other hotel room you stay in) and either offices or convention centers (which again look mostly the same).However, you can get paid t
I'm continuing my quest to answer the questions that people are asking on google that there are not many quality results for.The latest...What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners? <sic>There are thousands of affiliate marketing programs out there. The important thing as a beginner is not which affiliate marketing program you choose, but what niche you choose and what training you get.And there are really no niches that are better for beginners than others.The important
If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate, you may be new to the whole idea of affiliate marketing. There are lots of different types of affiliate marketing, but the most common is the affiliate marketing blogger.So... what is an affiliate marketing blogger?An affiliate marketing blogger is someone who blogs and mentions products on their blog for which they get a cut every time someone purchases.It really is as simple as that.Simple... but not easy.Affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work. Every