Deciding on an Affiliate Product to Review Today

Last Update: February 11, 2016

A commenter over at said she is having trouble deciding what affiliate product to review. That inspired this blog.

Her niche seems to be making money online, so I'll focus on that, but these techniques can be used for any affiliate marketing niche.

The first thing I would do in trying to find a product to review within my niche would be to google my niche and see which products come up on the first page.

Searching for "make money online", for example, returned as the first result (after ads).

The next thing I would do is look through the list and find something in that list that actually interested me.

Just as an example, though, I'll use the very first make money online idea they give, swagbucks.

Next, I'd check Jaaxy or the keyword tool here on Wealthy Affiliate to ensure people are actually searching for swagbucks.

They are:

After all this, I would go sign up for swagbucks myself (only if it is free, has a free trial, or is something I am actually interested in trying for myself) and check it out.

Finally, I'd write a review, making sure to target the keywords I found through Jaaxy.

If you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, all of this should make perfect sense to you. If you are not, you may be a bit lost.

That's okay, this can be quickly remedied. Just sign up for a free account here by clicking "Create a Free Account" at the top of this page.

Then take the ten free lessons on making money online under "Get Started Here" on the left.

You'll be up to speed on questions like what affiliate product to review in no time.

If you need help or have comments, please write away below. I love helping wherever I can!


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Thomas2011 Premium Plus
Jeremy, I like how you can turn your post here into a great promotion to WA. It would be great if everyone knew about the tools here and how easy it is to learn and grow a online business.
Thanks for the share,

bzjuly Premium
Thanks Jeremy! This is helpful. I am finding it hard to write reviews on the making money niches because of the fact I do not want to join programs that cost money and most do. I have in the past tried things but am not savvy on them today so have shyed away from reviewing any of them. I appreciate this post more than you know...and VERY smart to write a blog post to answer my question! KUDOS!