My Online Journey Is Taking Me To Mexico!

Last Update: January 28, 2018

In May, I will have been a part of WA for two years and what an incredible journey it has been!

When I first started, I was just hoping to make some side money that could potentially allow me to go part time at my day job.

After many ups and downs but finally seeing some results with the third website I started, I am so glad I stuck with it.

In an effort to improve my education, last August I participated in a class that taught some link building strategies.

At the end of the class the instructor said they asked students who did well to apply for a remote job within the company.

Sweet! I will see what they have to say.

So I filled out a short form and submitted a 3 minute video about why I wanted to spot.

But then I heard nothing!

Oh well, I still enjoyed the class and I had plenty of work to do applying my newly acquired link building skills.

Suddenly, the first week of December the CEO of Wired Investors emailed me asking if I was still interested.

Are you kidding?! I had completely forgot about this. So I said yes, let me see what this is about.

He dove right into details about a 2 month long apprenticeship where I would come to Valle de Bravo, Mexico to work with him and learn how to grow and scale one of the actual businesses they own.

Umm yes! How could I say no to that.

I'm leaving tomorrow and being away from my wife and son will be the hardest part, but I just had to see where this goes.

The real reason I wanted to share this story is, when I first started blogging, I had seen many people talk about building relationships with others.

I guess I never really understood what that could mean until now. So don't be afraid to reach out to others.

This is also for those who are new or might not have seen many sales yet. Stick with it!

If you keep working hard and continue to learn, you will turn the corner.

I will be excited to share some training when I get back!

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ashley75 Premium
Well done, congratulations! Can't wait to hear your story when you get back!
AlejandraB Premium
Congratulations Jeremy, it sounds like a nice plan to work on.
Valle de Bravo is a beautiful small city, more likely a big town, I used to live not far from it, in Toluca City.
Wish you the best.
Buena suerte!!
kimwolfe Premium
Huge Congrats ! This is an awesome success story!
billy947 Premium
Great for U. Wishing U all the best in Mexico.
halinphilly Premium
Love this. Buenas suerte, amigo!