First Revenue!

Last Update: November 03, 2016

So I just randomly logged into my Adsense account today and it said that there was $2.95 in my account lol! I'm pumped though because this just motivation to keep going.

My first click was back on August 12th and I joined May 18th. My original goal was to get a sale in the first three months and to now know that I hit that feels great!

These first couple clicks were with just one ad on the side bar so I'm now excited to go put a few more on the pages that are getting the most traffic.

Thanks to the whole WA community and everyone who helped me out that last several months. This just made my day!

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Kyleprice20 Premium
Congrats! Keep it up.
Andrew007 Premium
Really good news! Thanks for sharing, it motivates.
Best wishes
MPollock Premium
Congrats, and keep up the good work
PatLemy Premium
Good News ! Just keep it up !

Boothe Premium
Awesome dude! Now you know it's possible! From here on out... just scale! :D