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Last Update: Feb 1, 2019

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Yes, unfortunately Google announced that the "sunsetting" of the consumer version for Google+ is happening, and actually has moved up!

I totally missed the previous announcement that Google+ would be ending in August of 2019, but now they have announced that it's been moved up to April of 2019.

Google has started to email those with a personal Google+ account just as a heads up. In that email they've provided some information:

  • On April 2nd, the Google+ accounts and any Google+ pages that have been created will be shut down and the content will begin to be deleted.
  • Users should ensure to download and save any photos or videos.
  • The process of deleting all content will take a few months and content might still be seen for a few months.

In addition, as of February 4th, users will not be able to create new Google+ profiles, pages, or communities.

It is unfortunate for us at Wealthy Affiliate to see Google+ go as it was one of our steps towards improving our SEO rankings. Luckily, we have other tactics that have been taught to us.

However, Google+ really never gained any real momentum as a social media platform. When compared to social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ was a peanut, small and, according to Google themselves, had "low usage and challenges" involving the maintenance of a product that met "conumers' expectations."

I have to wonder if Google will come back with something different though, or if they are going to completely leave the social media scene and not make another attempt.

What do you think? Do you think they'll create something new or throw in the towel as far as social media goes?

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Google+ didn't really cut it for me. I believe we have enough Social Media platforms to utilise without having another one to contend with....

Thanks for the update Jeremy.

According to Jay, the new Social Media that is going to
be Google is already available for use - YouTube due
to more searchers are turning to videos and using
voice searches ::))
Thanks for sharing,

YouTube is it's own Social Media outlet in its own way, that is for sure!

And owned by Google :)

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