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This Black Friday deal is amazing! And definitely going to go on board with it, but you know when people are going over the top on here, when you start receiving emails to your personal email address asking you to sign up to yearly- that is ridiculous! Has anyone else had any situations like this and what are your thoughts about it?
This had been bothering me for a week or so, and really couldn't find how to do it, until today. So if there are other people on here who have the same problem, then don't worry- after this training, it will be sorted out!So if you have a local google+ page and also a brand google+ page and just want them merged together, then here is how to do it:1. Verify your Local page if you haven’t already.This process won’t work if your local page isn’t verified. Not sure if it’s
September 24, 2016
Hello everyone,Maybe this question would be to Kyle and Carson, but if anyone else can answer it, feel free to start a conversation going!So the goal on here is to learn as much information from all these training's and courses and then learn from each other, through each others blogs, questions and live chat. It's great to see so much help people have put in here to achieve the success that each one of us are trying to obtain. I really do love this place. But I have been wondering, what are t
September 20, 2016
Hello everyone!So I have been thinking, that we as a community here can take it to all of our advantages in many different also being to add a back link of another persons website when writing a blog. I know that we all have different niches, but I am sure that everyone will be able to benefit from this! So I have a website selling wooden watches, so anyone who writes about: fashion, gift ideas, hand crafted things, jewelry, nature and anything else which you could think could relate
Hello everyone! So I have failed at the start to obtain as many subscribers as possible to make a beautiful large subscription list for my website. I have previously used Mail Chimp on my website, but didn´t really like my home address coming up every time someone subscribed. So I tried different ones out, but gave up with it all in the end.Below is where the address would show up (covered up)I have tried looking on here for peoples suggestions and found that many other people found mail
September 11, 2016
Hello everyone!Just wanted to share with all of you to share how happy I am right now. Sitting at the dinner table on the terrace; enjoying beautiful views of the valley and I get a notification on my phone saying I have made a sale from one of my products! It´s the best feeling; especially working so hard for the past few weeks of the website since being live. To all of you working many hours on your website, trying to promote your products; you will do it, you will get that sale! Do
August 29, 2016
DropshippingAs my first blog on here, I wanted to share my drop shipping journey with everyone. I will begin with a small introduction to explain what drop shipping is and how it all works. So we will begin by asking; what is drop shipping?Drop shipping is a fulfillment model that allows you to buy products individually from a wholesaler and ship them directly to your customer.Instead of purchasing a large amount of inventory, you simply partner with a drop shipping supplier and list their merc