Early Birthday Pressie!

Last Update: February 11, 2018

Hi all,

Back to work after 4 weeks holidays and even worse it was stocktake, BUMMER. Being back at work has cut the time I have to spend on my website considerably, my mind has been blank all week. I struggle with writing content at the best of times, but got stuck in this weekend and finished my blog post and prettied my main content, when I finally pushed the publish button it was a huge relief.

On a good note I thought my birthday had come early this week! I was having trouble paying my monthly premium membership (paypal issues) so my son offered to pay with his credit card while I got it sorted, 5 minutes later he appeared in the kitchen gave me a kiss and said "there you go Mum I have paid for 12 months for you" AWESOME got to love that boy.

On that happy note I will say goodnight, you all have a good week.



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