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Last Update: June 21, 2015

Hello everyone,

I am so glad to be here and feel as though I have learned a lot already. There is definitely a lot more to online marketing than what so many other countless sites and gurus have made it appear. Most made it appear as being as simple as getting a url and posting google adsense links to it to make money.

This is definitely not the case! It is a lot of critical thinking and hard work. Not that I am complaining. Lord knows being a single mom up until about 2 and a half years ago from the first time my first one was born till the day I met the love of my life that I am no stranger to hard work, Two of the four kids are special needs and I have just recently found out with in the last few years that my three oldest, whic are all boys are indeed ADHD. I suspected it from very young ages with all three being that I am borderline ADD myself and I have twin brother who was diagnosed as severely ADHD from a very young age. There were times when he would have temper tantrums and actually attempt to beat my mom up when he was only five years old and when nothing else helped she would put him in an ice cold shower clothes and all. Yes, I do realize to some of you reading this, that might seem like child abuse. However, it achieved the desired effect without an adverse effects which was to immediately stop the temper tantrum which in turn prevented damage to the house or personal property and stopped or prevented any injuries he may of cause to my mom or more importantly himself. He was always dried well immediately afterwards and given fresh, clean, and dry clothes to change into promptly or pajamas.

I am trying, slowly but surely at my own rate of speed to get my website up and running and to hopefully make it a success. I may not always give the best or most in depth comments be assured that if I take the time to make a comment while trying to juggle online marketing, door to door salesmanship, normal domestic duties, mother hood, physical therapy, some nursing for my special needs kids, endless phone calls I can sometimes make during the day as well as still adjusting to the role of being a 'wife in practice or theory,' that I meant the very best and genuinely to help or encourage in some way.

By the way, HAPPY DADDY'S DAY to all you Daddy's, and Grand Daddy's, Uncles, Step Daddy's, special friends acting as dad's out there. Ya'll are very special and please for one moment, don't ever doubt that you are loved no mater how angry kids get at you or how many times they may tell you that you're mean or that they hate you. I hear this from one or all of mine at least once a week, sometimes more.

Thanks again Kyle and Carson for a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and a great learning community. Thank you all, fellow community members for all your help and encouragement through out the way!



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BillandSue Premium
Hi Jen, Best wishes for your life and hope you achieve your goals and dreams. We love WA too!
Bill & Sue