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On the fourth of July, I certainly did celebrate . . . like so many others do but the best part of festivities was getting to meet this cute little dog named Harley whom I absolutely fell in love with!I know in this picture today that he is definitely in need of a good brushing to say the least but he has definitely came a long way since I have had him. When I got him his hair on his face was so over-grown that you could not tell he had whiskers and all the fur on his muzzle with dark gr
Earlier today Kyle posted this video: was about the steps needed to create a "Globally Recognized Avatar" or a Gravatar for short.Here is the link to get you to the website where you will be able to do I was so pleased to see this tutorial once I began watching it and learned what it was about. I had be
Hello everyone,I am so glad to be here and feel as though I have learned a lot already. There is definitely a lot more to online marketing than what so many other countless sites and gurus have made it appear. Most made it appear as being as simple as getting a url and posting google adsense links to it to make money.This is definitely not the case! It is a lot of critical thinking and hard work. Not that I am complaining. Lord knows being a single mom up until about 2 and a half years ago
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