What does it REALLY take to succeed in your online business?

Last Update: March 22, 2016

What does it really take to succeed online?

To simplify, you need only 4 things.... Not 1,000 things but only 4 things.

2 Proven System
3 Hardwork
4 Belief

It takes only those 4 things to succeed online.

Easy? Not really.

Why only those 4?

- You need DREAMS to keep you going on and not get discouraged when nothing seems to happen after writing all those articles.
- You need a system to guide you in the best way to success. Thanks to WA. Just follow the tutorials.
- You need hard work to build your business. Business is like Rome. You don't build it overnight....
- You need to believe even if you have never had a single success in the past that success is possible.

I've been there. I know how it feels. Just keep on going!

And be sure to celebrate your milestones....

  • Your 1st website is up - Yahoo
  • You 1st post is published - Yahoo
  • Your site got indexed by Google - Yahoo
  • You get your first comment - Great!
  • You got your first visitor from Google search engine - Yes!
  • You got your first $1 - Now we are talking....
  • Then you scale it up and grow....
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KatieMac Premium
Great advice and as you say four pillars to build on your dreams and achievements thank you
Sheila50 Premium
You are so right! We all just have to remember that we need the dream, proven system, hard work and belief that it will happen to you.
What seems to happen is that we expect it overnight and then we give up when that doesn't happen.
We all have to be persistent.
jeffvelmonte Premium
Thanks Shiela
AlexEvans Premium
Some good advice , every step no matter how small is a step in thethe right direction. Thank you for the motivation.
jeffvelmonte Premium
Thanks Evanevaalexa
JudeP Premium
Every little step moves us closer to our goal :)
jeffvelmonte Premium
You are right Jude
gilberttks Premium
I got to admit that we have to celebrate every milestone that we have build, that will always keep us happy
jeffvelmonte Premium
Yup, Gilbert