How to deal with Google Sandbox

Last Update: March 21, 2016

I got a new site about 18 days old. It has about 18 post and pages, 50 comments. Each post has social links in Google+, Pinterest account and FB fan page.

I also verified it and added it in my Google search console and Google analytics.

My homepage is indexed. My pages are indexed. But my posts (my articles and reviews) are nowhere to be found in the search engine.

I know that my review pages will convert because it even converts traffic coming from WA.

I'm looking forward what will be my sales when the search engine traffic comes... :)

I get one organic traffic from Yahoo (yes. Yahoo!!!!) but zero traffic from Google. So what do I do for now?

Smell the flowers and enjoy! There is no other way I could push this monster (or friend) we call Google. It is just the way it is for new sites.

So How Do You Deal With Google Sandbox?

Get the advice from the book, "The Road Less Traveled". When we accept that life is difficult, then it becomes easy.

"When we accept that Google Sandbox or Google Indifference (since your site is still new and you need to be put on search engine probation) is part of your online marketing life, then it becomes easy!

Next post...

I'll update you about my site 6 months from now!

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stephhill Premium
You defined it well here in your post.
pandre Premium
Hi Jeff, well said! It's like the trees are whizzing by but the car isn't moving. If I could get out and push and make engine noises I would!
I guess patience is a virtue, I need to run out and pick some up.
Best, Paul
jeffvelmonte Premium
Hey Roops,
We know that this online business is not a sprint but a marathon. Just keep on going. :)
RoopeshG Premium
Hey man. You workin at a rockets pace...I wish I could work as fast as you.
I started about two months back with my site. Its really going slow...though indexed no traffic 34WA comments....9 pages and 5 posts 0 organic traffic.

I think its a matter of time before you come right.Wish you all the best