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Yesterday, Feb. 2nd, marked the 3rd year of my becoming a premium, (and later yearly) member of Wealthy Affiliate. At times, I almost cannot believe that it's been 3 years!So, what have I learned? Number one, despite the lies spread by online business opportunities that in reality are complete scams, it is NOT easy to build a successful and profitable online business.Get-rich-schemes are akin to the delicious tasting Kool-Aid that, as kids, people just could not help themselves by drinking th
Has anyone else noticed an issue with even getting to the Jaaxy site today? Clicking on the Jaaxy link on the bottom left-hand side of the page a number of times gets no results. I can't even get to the Jaaxy site to then log in.I even logged out of WA and off the Internet entirely and then cleared cache, browser history, cookies using a tool that I have installed on my computer.I then logged back into WA, went to the Jaaxy icon, clicked on it about a half dozen times and got the same result
Well today I turn 60! I'm happy for the occasion but also somewhat mind-boggling as well. I remember before I was about to turn 30 back in 1987 the feeling of shock that I was that old. I can of course now look back and laugh at myself as I've doubled that age.Throughout my life, I have always been haunted by the memory, although a lot of it repressed in my mind concerning the actual day of the JFK assassination. A WA member a few weeks ago posted a dashboard article asking if people, alive
Words sometimes can be so inadequate in describing what mothers can mean to so many people. A mother's traits include compassion, devotion, caring, nurturing, scolding, (when necessary) empathy, and most of all unbridled love towards those people who mean so much to her. My mother passed away in March of 2012 just short of her 84th birthday. She is now in Heaven with my father who passed away back in 1994. Not a day goes by that I don't think of both my mother and father. At some point each
February 01, 2017
Today marks the two year anniversary since I rejoined WA, (for the second time). I was reminded of this when I was given a badge by Kyle and Carson earlier this morning when I logged into the site and which commemorated this occasion. I thought to myself, "Wow! These two years have gone by so fast"! I can also safely say that I have learned so much in the process of running an online business through all that is taught here at this tremendous and unique program that is unmatched anywhere o
Hi everyone! Well after the Labor Day holiday at least here in the U.S. I am back at it with my business here at WA. The week before I went back up to visit friends and an extended family member up in CT, (Connecticut) where I spent most of my life. Returning back last Thursday evening, I decided to extend my time off from my business through Labor Day, yesterday, as I really needed to recharge my batteries. I apologize for not immediately getting back to people who added me onto their "fol
Hi fellow WA community members! Well I have two reasons to celebrate today - August 2nd, 2016!One, it is my birthday! I turn 59 years young today! I remember back when I turned 30 in August of 1987 it really was a big and very anxious moment in my life then. I could not believe WAY BACK WHEN that I was turning 30. Where had all the time gone? Now I realize that it was almost half a lifetime ago. Turning 40 and 50 was no big deal. I'll get back to you next year when I turn 60 however! Th
Hi everyone! Well I'm excited! One of my referrals has become my first sale as she made the decision to upgrade to premium! Our new premium level member is "Quincy Cat" (Jennifer) and if you can please take the time to congratulate her as I have done.This is proof that Wealthy Affiliate is the best opportunity on the planet in helping motivated people build an online business for themselves. Jennifer realized that at the premium membership level, she will experience EVERYTHING that Wealth
Hi everyone, my first WA referral! Please welcome Abdul Hannan as a new member of our fabulous WA community. Abdul just joined today. Based on how I still can clearly remember how I felt, Abdul must be excited at the possibilities in what he will learn here through the training on how to create an eventually successful online business for himself!I personally wish you nothing but the best Abdul. If you need anything please just send me a private message, sir!Jeff
Over the weekend I went over the 1K mark as far as people having me on their follow list! Thank you so much for your support.I wish everyone nothing but the absolute BEST in all of their endeavors here at WA! Without a doubt this organization is #1 as far as having the training, tremendous training support and tools to allow one to achieve success!Now onto my second thousand followers!Let's all go out and succeed on purpose!Jeff