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Hello WA Family,

Today my topic is what niches works the best on Amazon. I am writing this one to help any members promoting this affiliate program. I researched this information to save you the time doing it yourself, so let us begin learning what I found out for you.

What Niches Work Best on Amazon for Affiliates?

Affiliate marketing lets you earn commissions by promoting other companies' products. Here's what I have found for you.

  1. Sign up with a company that offers affiliate programs, like Amazon Associates.
  2. They provide you with special links to their products.
  3. You share these links on your website, social media, or anywhere else.
  4. When someone clicks your link and buys something, you earn a commission on that sale.

Choosing a profitable niche is key for Amazon Associates because it allows you to target a specific audience with products they're interested in. This increases the chances of people clicking your links and buying something, ultimately boosting your earnings.

When Choosing a Niche

Here's why picking a niche you're passionate about is crucial for long-term success in Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  • When you're genuinely interested in a niche, creating informative and engaging content around those products becomes easier and more enjoyable.
  • Keeping yourself updated on trends and new products within your niche becomes less of a chore and more of a natural curiosity.
  • Having a genuine interest in your niche helps you overcome challenges and stay motivated when facing competition.

Finding a niche with good demand but manageable competition tips is your ultimate goal as an Amazon Affiliate.

  • Tools like Jungle Scout can help analyze niche profitability, search volume, and competition level for keywords related to products.
  • A highly competitive niche with massive search volume might be tough for beginners, while a niche with very low competition might have low demand as well.

Profitability in Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  • . Generally, higher-priced items like electronics have lower commission rates (around 4-8%), while everyday essentials might have higher rates (around 6-10%).
  • Promoting high-ticket items can lead to higher commissions per sale, even with a lower commission rate.

By considering these factors and choosing a niche you love, you'll be well on your way to building a successful Amazon affiliate.

What Jungle Scout Can Do

  • Jungle Scout helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon.
  • The tool provides insights on market demand, competition level, and pricing strategies for different product categories.
  • Jungle Scout helps you identify relevant keywords that potential customers might use to search for products on Amazon.
  • Jungle Scout allows you to monitor your competitors' listings, pricing strategies, and sales performance.

While Jungle Scout is a powerful tool, it's not a magic bullet for success on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Plans

Basic Plan

  • $49 per month when billed monthly, or $29 per month when billed annually.

Suite Plan

  • $69 per month monthly, or $49 per month annually.

Professional Plan

$129 per month monthly, or $84 per month annually.

Jungle Scout also offers a Chrome extension with limited features available for a separate fee.

Jungle Scout Alternatives

  • Unicorn Smasher
  • Keepa
  • AMZ Scout Extension

I included more information about Jungle Scout and alternatives for your convenience.

Profitable Niches on Amazon

  • Health & Wellness
  • Home & Kitchen
  • Pet supplies
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Books tend to have a higher commission rate compared to some other product categories on Amazon, ranging from 5% to 8%.
  • Kindle devices tend to have a consistent demand throughout the year. Kindle devices are generally lower than on physical books, typically around 4% to 8%.

Focusing on sub-niches in the categories above is the key for success, even if you are not in one of the niches above does not mean you can't create a booming business with Amazon.

Final Thoughts

By focusing on a sub-niche you love, creating valuable content, and building trust with your audience, you'll be well on your way to achieving success in affiliate marketing as an Amazon Affiliate.

I hope you found this helpful,


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Low commission percentages could become a non-issue if you focused on a high, priced micro niche products that have high conversion with your super specific audience.

Ideally, it should be a “need it now” type of product so they order fast within the 24 hour window.

I’m thinking stump grinder teeth ($499), or replacement 3-D printer supplies. Something that is used up, and used often.

Great suggestions, Brad

I thank you for sharing your experience to help other members reading this post and the comments.


Interesting content Jeff. I don't use amazon, but there are still things to learn here. Thanks.

Hello Dave

I don't use Amazon either. Many new members seem to be drawn to them, so I thought this might help them decide if they wanted to pursue this merchant or not.


Good idea. If they know it exists, they have a choice. I've heard some bad stuff about them recently, but cannot comment as a non-user.
Have a good Sunday.

Hello Dave

What I dislike about Amazon is they have too many restrictions and are always changing what affiliates can and can't do.

Amazon is not worth it for me with how little they pay their affiliates


I've read a few horror stories here on the platform. same, people put the effort in and then get deflated. Amazon is Amazon focused, that's it.

What I like about this is as a tool to support PPC. How many clicks will it take to make a sale, and if I do, will the commission cover it?

Rhetorical question. You get the idea

Hello MT

Thank you for reading and commenting


Yes as much as I like the idea, I don't think Amazon will be my first choice to do business with as it has too many restrictions making it harder for people to earn a commission.

Myra ♥️

Hello Myra

I never recommend Amazon, but many new members seem to join their affiliate program.

I am not a fan of Amazon as well,


Hi Jeff
Thanks your article is informative it helps for a beginner like me..

So nice to hear from you Emma

Thank you for reading my post and commenting. We all are beginners at one time or another.

Take care


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