Gaining confidence thanks to the great WA community.

Last Update: April 22, 2017

It's been two months and my page is starting to generate traffic. Very few it may be but I'm starting to see the plausibility of this venture.

I have a 100 comments on my site which may not be much and 40% is probably my replies but I'm quite excited about that also.

I did not to recently consider giving up as writing in a second language is not the easiest of things but I have been receiving very positive feedback from the community on my page and am now more motivated then ever.
(Not just good feedback but sincere and helpful)

I have many very interesting ideas lined up that I really hope makes the world of difference.

Still hanging on for that first sale. I know it probably won't be soon but that is what keeps me motivated.

Thanks to this great community I am experiencing a side of my creativity I never knew exited and learning something I never thought I would be able to do.

Thanks WA community.


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pparadise Premium
That's nice to hear and you always have support as you grow.
Jeannel Premium
That's the best part.
Marlene2 Premium
Your website rocks. Great I like the layout and it is easy to manipulate. Thanks for the follow
AnthonyMLM Premium
Website is looking good my friend.
Jeannel Premium
Thanks so much.