Do you want to be World no. 1? Follow the rules

Last Update: February 10, 2018

Hi Guys You can be world no.1. There is nothing impossible out there. Your page can be rank in the first page in search engine. I followed what Kyle taught in the lessons.5

Google algorithm changes almost everyday but their mission goal never changes. So far my two post rank in the first page and site is 2 months old. I am trying my best to put more and more post but I am bit slow. Anyway this outcome encourage me more to work harder. I am not looking here how far I have to go but looking back and admire how far I have achieve.

Rules to become no1 in the SERP is in WA lessons.

#Target low competitive keywords

#Aim to rank in first page because 91% traffic goes to first page rank websites, 4% goes to second and 3rd page shared only 1%

#Create contents regularly

#Use sitecomments. It gives unique traffic from different sources. It sends signals to Google.

#use Fetch as Google.

#Use AMP. Majority is mobile device user. If you ignore it Google will ignore you.

So Guys! Be a World no 1. No excuse! Unpack your things and work hard

Pls comment below and leave me a feedback.

So cheer! Guys



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Bibian2 Premium
It is the desire of everyone to be no1 SERP. Just as you said, I will work harder to bring my pages up to that level.
My question is; did you submit your articles to those search engines like yahoo, and Google together with bing before your article started to appear in their search engines?
je721 Premium
No I did not any submit articles. Only site is verified for Google, Bing, pinterest. I have enter the tracking code in the webmaster verification in All in one SEO general settings.
Bibian2 Premium
Thanks for your information
je721 Premium
I mean I submit sitemap to Google and Bing and fetch as Google and Bing. Google and Bing is similar. I dont know about Yahoo. You are welcome and thank you