5 Month Progress

Last Update: May 31, 2019

What's happening, everyone.

I just wanted to post my progress for you to see.

Five months from building my website, and you can see a little bit of progress.
The traffic is pretty much all organic, through using long tail keywords.

I know it's not a lot, but it's working. lol

And you'll be able to see from Jan through March, that I didn't make any sales. But this was the building phase.

You'll see 6 items haven't shipped yet. Hopefully, I hit $100 once these products ship.
I plan on getting more sales and skyrocket from there in the upcoming months.

I'll keep you updated about my progress.

Thanks for reading!

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PastorDre Premium
Well done...
midhunvm Premium
Jose, really excited to see your progress.

Have you followed the Certification course
to get this result?

How many articles you have and how many
of those are review articles?

Have you wrote the reviews by buying the
product or the reviews are based on research?

I feel that you will be doubling or tripling
your profits in the next coming months.

Do keep us updated with your progress.

Thank you, Jose
salesmch45 Premium
A great example of putting in the time and making things happen. Keep it up!
BobRoman Premium
Well done! Keep it up!

Wish you great success!

DarrenNicola Premium
It is starting to look good, keep up the good work
Regards Darren
RAFStuart Premium
Keep up the good work.
siucao Premium
I am new here, hopefully I can go into this stage one day!
sai4upassion Premium
It was worth waiting and I appreiciate your patience .