3 Reasons Why I Quit One of the Big Worst Online Business Programs

Last Update: August 14, 2017

I am aware of that so many SBI exes have a bad experience with one of the worst online business programs - Site Build It (newly Solo Build It). Believe it or not, I had been there too. Let me tell you a story...

The story...

In 2008, I became SBI member, and I learned how to build my website. Unfortunately, most of the SBI members were not friendly and judged others about criticizing their new sites and mine, too (I am a very sensitive person). They made fun of my new website and kept telling me to change the blog title. Sometimes, they kept telling me to throw away my site. My niche site was about reviewing the books. I refused to quit because I liked reviewing books. I found that SBI community was horrific!

Making money through my former website with SBI never happen, I had ZERO money from SBI, even though I paid every month to keep my site running. SBI was such so disgusting site that I'd ever seen. I was so disappointed in the SBI company, and I realized that the owner of SBI did not help a lot. What a waste!

At last, I decided to quit SBI, and I was supposed to transfer my website to the hosting company on my own, I found that it was wiped out quickly without my knowledge. SBI destroyed my first website; I was very upset that I lost it anyway.

3 Reasons Why I quit one of the big worst online business programs: SBI

1) SBI Community: I was upset that so many "advanced" SBI members judged new members and me about our new websites, they made fun and teased us improperly. I was hurt when every SBI member with "ego" and "snobby" attitudes mistreated me. *Be advised: I am very, very sensitive person*

2) SBI Outdated: I found that so many SBI lessons were outdated. They did not help at all. As matter of fact, these old lessons were L-O-U-S-Y!!

3) SBI Owner's Sweet Revenge: SBI owner did not help new members or me at all; most of former SBI members lost their first websites when they attempted to transfer them over to the hosting companies. I felt that SBI owner did not care at all and that he enjoyed taking revenge.

Now, I am here to participate Wealth Affiliate because a lot of people told me many positive things about WA. Unfortunately, I notice a few WA members are a little bit snobby over my previous questions I've asked here, please do not take it personally. I'd better advice that I do not follow any members who mistreat me or that I do not answer some members who are too snobby or act like they are "smart" than me. I am sure that you understand that I am a very sensitive person, I LOVE reading your blogs and help people. I am not interested in "battling" or making war with any members who have their own "selfish" opinions over the discussion (or classroom) threads. Sharing our ideas would be nice and sweet without criticizing or judging.

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noahfitz Premium
Lets Git R Done!!! Time to Rhino our way through to success! Woohoo! WA Rocks!
GlenPalo Premium
Great post, Joyce. The biggest difference between SBI and WA is the general community attitude towards one another. There is far more individual help here. It may have to do with how each of back offices are set up. WA has the blog system with discussion comments. SBI uses a forum structure, which I personally find less appealing.
Freedomseekr Premium
Wow, this SBI program sounds like a good place to avoid! I've never heard of it before, thankfully. Sorry to hear of all the trouble you had with them though. That is terrible of them to take your site down before you could transfer it to another host.

Treating people like that, I'm sure they won't stay in business for very long. Plus, it sounds like the lessons and the community were lousy as well.

Anyways, glad you found your way here to Wealthy Affiliate. I've found it to be very helpful, the lessons teach what is needed, and the community here for the most part is amazing.

But, I suppose there are always some negative minded people even here, unfortunately. I too, won't follow anyone that is rude or disrespectful although I haven't seen it too often here.

I agree, it's nice to share ideas without judging or criticizing others. People need to remember to be kind no matter where they are or who they talk to...treat others as you'd like to be treated.

Thanks for sharing...very helpful info and a great reminder to us all!

Best wishes in all you do :) ~Sherry
LiaV1 Premium
Welcome to WA! You have your place here in our community. I know hurtful criticism can be. Here in WA, just ignore those who are rude or snobby. It's that simple. *sending you big hugs*