Let's give this a really good go.

Last Update: October 15, 2020

Three months ago I realised I had to make some money for new cancer treatments and I started searching online. Strangely, I found WA pretty-much first, but the US$49 (AU$80ish) was daunting.

I was offerred some "great" get rich schemes by people like Mosh Bari, Jono Armstrong, Billy Darr, etc. I bought about $200 worth of these platforms (money I didn't have) and tried each one, but got no results and none of the promised help from any of them. Some were such rubbish I asked for an immediate refund but most of them didn't give it back!

Last week I was so desperate I was ready to sign up with Billy Darr's super special $197 a month deal (pay for it out of you promised profits) when I came across Carson's article about what a bunch of scammers and con men they were. I did my due diligence (finally) and realised he was right. I owe Carson a huge debt of gratitude.

So, feeling like a complete sucker, I'm right back where I started from, hopefully much less naive but very much more burnt trust-wise from the journey. I will do the full starter course and see if I can get enough trust back to commit to the monthly payout.

I cannot believe I fell for their now, obviously, outrageous claims and I'm ready to put time into building a real online business - as quickly as I can.

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AussieJeff Premium
Hi, Cheryl!
Sorry to hear about your plight and this is one of the biggest reasons I do reviews about idiots like Billy Darr, Mosh Bari, Jason Fulton, just to name a few of the scammers out there.
Really good to have you back at Wealthy Affiliate.
Did you know you can help pay for your monthly membership by offering comments to other people's websites?
This is a ripper way to have a look at how people are designing their websites and give you some extra cash.
I'll leave the link, below... I wished they had this feature when I joined over 5 years ago.
Chat soon, Jeff.
Kyle Premium Plus
Well glad you circled back here before you got scammed with something else Cheryl. There is a reason we have been in this business for the last 15 years and we are the most respected platform in the industry. We care. We are here to help. And we evolve quickly.

You are here at a good time, we have lot of exciting planned in the month ahead, and the year ahead. ;)