Mission and Goal

Last Update: May 21, 2018

Mission & Goal

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Our mission to serve our client or end user in uniformity and direction, entailing strong, transparent communication processes to the best serve their needs with our ideals in dealing with colleagues and partners.

Our goal to always find the needs and implement the latest methods that perpetuate the improvement of philosophy of end user in every avenue in the industry.

"Verily those believers are brothers, therefore be peace between your two brothers and fear God so that you may obtain mercy"



Why we should have a green technology - GBI Index

Need to cool down your home’s interior without the expenses of electricity bills? Do you live on a noisy block and can’t take it anymore? Do your gutters flood every time it rains?

Green rooftops system can help with all of that and more.

1. Houses in rainy countries sometimes face the problem of overflowing gutters after heavy rainfall. Green roofs can absorb up to 80% of the rain and voila! No more flooding.

2. If you live in a sunny country, you will probably have a brittle roof, with cracks, that constantly needs maintenance. Green rooftops can significantly counteract that and help protect your roof.

3. When you live in a country known for its hot weather. The sizzling temperature of your house interior can be reduced by 6-8 degrees Fahrenheit if you have a rooftop green space.

4. Owing to the fact that plants retain water, greenery acts as a shield that protects your rooftop against fire hazards.

5. While living downtown might sound like fun, that is not always the case with all the noise and the heat. The green roof space can act as a sound barrier that decreases the noise by 8 decibels when compared to ordinary roofs.

6. City buildings and big cement blocks often trap heat from the sun which is known as Urban Island Effect. Having plants on top is good for the environment as they counteract that effect and decrease air pollution.

7. Solar System fans can’t go wrong with green rooftops. Greenery absorbs the heat from the sun which increases the efficacy of the solar panels on top, supplying the fans with energy.

People may think that the maintenance of these roofs is costly. They cannot be more wrong. You can just have some chickens on the roof, and they will get the job done for yo.

We help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends.


Small firm might often evaluate their working on a master projects at any given time and depending on where is the firm located regionally or how one markets in architectural work, they might find an arrange of work on the boards at anytime was given.

Totally it was limited market for a single building type such as private residential or commercial tenant.

A few month ago I'd shared a similar story at FB ads to explain the diversity that prefer in being a small firm solo-practitioner that does not work on an exclusive project for years like a biger company might be required to do. I like their final result on paper but do not make it for stay in the office every day which is my house did created as a hotel for weekend holiday and repeadly every month with the same habit. Maybe some people don’t mind that way. That is why I was prefered online marketing in architectural will give more impact to my daily activity.

Nowday we review this subject and I’ll share what’s on my board. If anyone says, I heard you were busy then you’ll know why I'm giving my bos a reminder.These is in order of oldest to newest project by project number with 3 nos of junior assistant.

1. Proposed refurbishment 3 block site 10 acreas

2. Proposed Amphitheater.

3.Mixed developement

4. Parking Complex

5. 3 nos. private bungalows

6. Working drawing and checking

7. Submission

8. Tender and documentation

9. Construction and consultant supplier playmaker etc.

10. How is going on to my family ?

These might sound we refuse sustenance...that’s because I'm here.

What might be deceiving is during any given week after 24 years in these lucrative building. All knows energy is only required on a few of these projects as clients are reviewing submissions, engineers are crunching numbers or they’re anxiously waiting for develop the progress of project and not openly pressing on the status. Weekly time constraint of project needs a good stuffs for handling all these constraints.



Projects under construction require regular nurturing, but not every day. Tenant improvement (TI) test fits or project concept studies are often quick, only requiring a day or two of actual work. As anyone can see, we are constantly juggling tasks, bouncing between projects, shifting from one to another throughout a given week. All projects require meetings, all clients are important. Efficiency and productivity is hug sometimes things just need to ok and only get done.

Last monthI focused on a single project to complete or nearly complete the construction documents to the point where I am ready to meet with the client and contractor with only a few remaining details that need to be confirmed with the specialist consultants which is reviewing our work currently – that ball is up in the air.

That means this week I shift to the others. It’s good to be busy…but there’s so much more to it.

One of the hardest parts is being able to resolve design issues and be creative on schedule. I cannot ‘turn on’ my creative side to get the best ideas or most thoughtful resolutions. That happens when it does.

Your task for today


Ideally want to take the approach to every page.

First step is to decide on keyword you are going to target.

From that keyword, you will be creating a headline.

Then you will want to outline your content then breakdown of your ideas.

Remember it should be in the following format:

  • Intro
  • Concept 1
  • Concept 2
  • Concept 3
  • Idea with arch language.
  • Conclusion

Lastly, you want to write out your content. Remember, don’t be over critical of your content as you are writing it. Write it out and then go back and make your edits afterwards. You will be more efficient this way.

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Remember it should be in the following format:
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