14 Days at Wealthy Affiliate=AMAZING

Last Update: September 13, 2014

We'll it's been 14 days being a member at WA and the experience has been amazing. It took me 1 week to process this site and basically suss it out whether it's for me or not.

Last Thursday was when I said 'I'm going to take this forward,I'm going to become premium' best decision EVER. (Why did I take so long?) as my website is coming along just fine, my niche was so obvious to me as it's my interest and the content is halfway finished. It took me two days to have a frame for my website..I like to think I'm computer savvy but the walk through video's are amazing. Everyday I'm starting to understand how WA works and everything that comes with it from websites to foot traffic etc, constantly learning. :-)

I have a full time job and running around after two kids not to mention my social life with friends to keep me sane haha but WA is always here at my own time anytime so it fits perfectly around my life. My goals are reaching me faster than I have ever imagined.

I have a really good feeling about this. Cheers to success.

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mtchristmas Premium
Congrats to you!
ShanHarvey Premium Plus
well done i wish you all the best with your project
Great to hear of your early progress. Well done :)
Kyle Premium Plus
So glad you are making such good progress and you are exactly right, WA is here during the times that work best for you. At any give time throughout the day you will be able to connect with others and have a helping hand...and of course the platform here never sleeps.

I look forward to working with you!
AlanCross Premium
Yea good for you...keep going forward!