Day 17: WA on my mobile phone

Last Update: March 28, 2014

Hey whats up people ?

Today i wanted to talk about neural pathways, how to build up ones which will lift up your life emensly and how to destroy the ones holding you back from doing what you want to do.

But since I can only write to you from my mobile phone, i would have had a hard time giving you the knowledge 100% clear and understandeable with quotes and links.

So I chose to write about that tomorow and today I want to share my experiences concerning the use of the WA website from my smartphone.

The first timevI logged in everything appeared to work, the chat is working fine, I can take the courses, I can comment and check my inbox, rank etc.

Then I tried to blog the first time, and it happend! There was something that didn`t worked correctly. The writing window was just cut at the half verticaly so it appeared on the lefthand side, but I could only see the letters after like the 10 letter,

correcting everything which has been in the zone of the very left of the writing window was impossible since i was unable to see it.

2 days later, second try, this time Im not using the top right writing button.

I went through my profile to the blogs of myself ("View your Blogs"),

there I then clicked on the "create new blog" button.

Sucess !!

The window is now appearing in the middle of my display, Im able to see, edit and do whatevery I could do on my computer.

Im overall good with the works of WA on my smartphone.

I can work wherever Im at its nice. Thank you!

Have a nice day people !


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Wow! You did it! I am also using smartphone and it's comforting to read your post. Thank you for sharing ❣️
KamilD Premium
Great information! Thank you very much.
Affiliateer Premium Plus
Thank you for the practical info.
Jayk4 Premium
Your welcome !
cybridge Premium
Its should be mobile user-friendly other than computer.
terenzia Premium
Hi JayKay,

I like that, one won't miss out

Jayk4 Premium