Day 49 - I'm Not Done Yet

Last Update: June 11, 2018

Wait, you thought I was done?

Ok so no entries for Day 47 and Day 48 and you thought Jay threw in the towel.

Song: Keep on Movin'
Artist: Soul II Soul
Album: Club Classics Vol. 1. (1989)

After losing some valuable sleep over the weekend, I decided to take the entire weekend off.

Sometimes, it can be good to take a break. Taking a break can help you avoid burnout and can actually reinvigorate you.

I needed that and got to catch up on some sleep, get new ideas and plan out what I needed to do to get to my September goal - the goal that started this in the first place.

Today, just like many other corporate businesses, I'm back from the weekend and ready to go again.

I had some content planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday on my content calendar and I'll just have to fit them in somewhere.

My To Do List For Today

So today, it's all about content for Website 1. I have to go to a meeting later on so I won't do to much more than a couple of items.

1. Write review article for Website 1 - I did the research last night and have already started on this review so it's just a matter of completing this review. I'm about 10% into it. The intro and the detail box has been written and most of the images I'll need are uploaded.

2. Do YouTube video for review - I did some screen capture for the above review which I'll be using to make my first YouTube video. I just need to add some audio which I'll work on today and then edit and upload it.

3. Report on WA - Later I'll get back to WA and report on what I got done.

4. Do schedule for Tuesday - I'll do my schedule for tomorrow later on tonight.

That's it for today. I'm back and I'm in the mood for creating content and getting these tasks done.

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WaynePro Premium
I envy your passion and determination, Jay. All the best.

CandP Premium
Jay, resting the mind and body is crucial to success. You are back with a vengeance. Go get 'em! Colette and Philip
Jay Gumbs Premium
True. Thanks for the encouragement.