My progress thus far.

Last Update: July 14, 2014

Hello WA community! I would like to start by saying thank you to everyone for all your help and support. This is one of the best marketing opportunities I have ever seen. So far I have gotten my first site up and running at I the next the months I am hoping I can have it making me some extra income. By six months from now I am hoping it will be enough to replace my other income so I can work from home. That would allow me to spend more time at home with my family. Also within Six months I will have a couple more sites up and running. Thank you all for your support and I wish you the best in your endevors.

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Crayder Premium
All the best to you Jason. I'm hoping for the same with my sites as well.
burnzy Premium
Great goals Jason. Good luck reaching them in the coming months!
Have a great day!
Anewcreature Premium
Great vision and you seem to be strategically pursuing it. So we'll done