Teach Nomadic open for registration

Last Update: October 30, 2017

I've been working on a membership/network/community type site for online teachers and just opened registration today. Now to figure out how to offer more value for a paid membership level in order to actually pay for running the site and more hah

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Kyle Premium
One thing that you might want to consider our pay walls and valuable ones at that.

You can't get away everything for free, but you want to give enough away for free that you build a certain level of trust (and you are truly helping people).

If you can do this and there are real benefits to going inside of the pay wall, people will.
Jasnscott Premium
Thanks Kyle! Definitely giving thought to the model here as well as some other membership sites I've joined. I need to get a bit better at the exchange of ideas and help, though, as I'm never sure of what constitutes an equal exchange. Getting a bit overwhelmed with the 'execution' part of my plans by trying to do it all on my own. Appreciate the advice!
Jasnscott Premium
Hi Kyle,
Just looking for your suggestion whenever you get a chance. I've reached (more or less) the extent of my abilities for getting my site set up the way I'd like it. I know the exact end result I'd like, but can't execute it.

Any suggestions for the way you went about creating badges and rewards for specific achievements for your members? What person (developer, programmer, jack of all trades) am I looking for to help turn my end-result ideas (as far as the appearance/functionality/experience on my site) into a reality?

Thanks for your input!