My Progress Report

Last Update: July 11, 2018

My Progress Thus Far

My Progress is at Level 4 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) course. It has been exhilarating, sometimes frustrating, and often very funny (me laughing at my mistakes').

Let me expand on the mistakes' thing: When I followed the Lesson Plan, including watching the Video - Boring - sorry Kyle, I didn't make mistakes'. Venturing ahead on my own cost me the one thing we can never get back, TIME.

I am now in the process of, in addition to doing the Lessons, going back and editing my nine posts. They were fun to write but hardly met the Standard of Helping people Learn about my Niche subject. My site Posta at YouNeedFreshLeads dot com was (and some still are) lacking in substance. I had written for my own entertainment.

Something I Have Learned Thus Far

The revelation about my site came to me last week when Google AdSense turned me down. In essence, they said 'come back when you have something to offer'. I tried to include the email message I recieved from Google AdSense but could not put it in writing here. When I tried to Publish it stopped me and said that the message was already Publishe on the Internet. So I am going to try find it and Link to it. Be right back. Click here to see the Policy Message.

A Question

1. Google + and Pinterest both rejecedt or deleted my Posts if I Link them to the Wealthy Affiliates Landing Page: ( https://www.wealthyaffiliate dot com?a_aid=74fc9842 Or the Bitly shorty https://bit dot ly/2umdJq3 ) .

Is there a work around so I can have someone who clicks a picture of me and my wife Kay be directed to said Splash/Landibg page?

2. Why is there no way to increase the font size in this Blog writer?

3. Can we create Blog Posts in Word Press?

3 Month Plan

I will have completed the OEC and Boot Camp Courses. I will have figured out the different Social Media apps and be proficient in their functionality.

6 Month Plan

I need to locate an acceptable email responder. My Monthly Budget will hopefully have increased, so that if the best option costs money monthly, I can implement that. I have seen some opt-in email deals that have numbers verus their cost that are good. Of course the ROI is never known or advertised. I plan at this time to give email marketing a try.

I really believe that if I can get a person to Wealthy Affiliates Landing Page I will be able to convert at the 12% or better. A well written and planned email follow up series is essential.


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Johnpavich Premium
You da man your doing great on my own terms says he doesn't bother with e-mail unless he has a certain amount of traffic per month like 1000 , so u may want to check with him he has a lot of experience good luck and all the best !!!
jarhead95 Premium
I'll do a post on my plan sometime this week you want to you want to read it cuz I found some really good deals on on opt in emails 4 less than 15- 20 bucks I'll anything for $15 for Opt-in email maddress
Johnpavich Premium
Ok I will look forward to checking it out thx but I don't know if I am knowledgeable enough yet to know what to do ?