WA:s support is unbelievable.

Last Update: February 10, 2017

Hi everyone!

When I tried to access one of my websites as usual this morning everything was blank with only this message "Error establishing a database connection". The site was down and no connection to the dashboard.

I was close to put my coffee in my windpipe (free translated from Swedish)!

What should I do...

After I while when a had calm down I contacted WA:s support and when I have contacted other company's support I'm used to long waiting and problems along the way to solve the problem. So I was not expecting so much but boy was I wrong!

I was not only answered in a minute but they had also solved the problem and everything has worked fine since then :)

I think this could be the best support I ever had!

Thanks WA and the support team!

Regards, Jan

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shazzaWA Premium
Yeah I had a problem too JanSwe and they are onto it in a jiffy. Wonderful support here you are so right on the money there!
Great place to be for sure!
JanSwe Premium
Cheers Sharon and thanks for your comment :)
I'm happy to hear that you also had a great experience with them.
Yes, this is a great place to be for sure!