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March 03, 2018
Hi, all hard working WA members!I have been working a lot with my Affiliate Bootcamp/Super Affiliate Training website lately and something have happend. My main focus for this site is to review different online business but I also write posts about marketing, building websites etc.What has happend is that I have started to get negative comments and mails about the reviews I'm doing. The comments can be about things they don't agree with or that I'm stupid or are doing this to promote my own sca
February 10, 2017
Hi everyone!When I tried to access one of my websites as usual this morning everything was blank with only this message "Error establishing a database connection". The site was down and no connection to the dashboard.I was close to put my coffee in my windpipe (free translated from Swedish)!What should I do...After I while when a had calm down I contacted WA:s support and when I have contacted other company's support I'm used to long waiting and problems along the way to solve the problem. So I
November 25, 2016
After paying monthly for about one and a half year I wanted to focus more on WA. Therefor when I saw the Black Friday offer I just couldn't resist going yearly:)Right now I working my way thru the Affiliate Bootcamp and using one of my websites for it: feeling really motivated and will work toward my success :)Have a great day!Regards, Jan
Hi all awesome WA members!My name is Jan and i'm from Sweden and joined WA in August last year. Because of a lot of things that have been going on in my life I haven't done anything about my free membership in WA until now.Going premium really gave me a boost and now I just want to learn, learn and learn so I can do, do and do : )I you have time you are more then welcome to visit the site I just built here at WA: http://coolhometheatergadgets.comTake care!Regards, Jan