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Last Update: October 17, 2013
Now, I'm starting to get seriously confused and a bit tied up in knots finding and choosing my keywords.To be honest, and to coin a phrase 'it's doing my head in' I have been spending a lot of time trying out different combinations or keywords, building my content and publishing my website. I know my niche is a competitive one so am I just bashing my head against a brick wall? Should I just keep plugging away at writing quality content and let my Google rankings do their own thing? Today, I'm ranking position 25, page 3.Also, when using the WA keyword tool, my keywords always seem to appear in quotes on the results page? In this format I am ranking on position 11, page 2. Confusing or what!!!???Well, if anyone can give me a hand with this I would be eternally grateful for ever :0) thanks all!
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DoubleTap Premium
Ya' Jan, keywords actually stalled me for over a month. I just couldn't get my head wrapped around them and one night Kyle responded to a comment I left and straightened me out on them. Basically he told me that, like you mentioned above, they have a way of working themselves out and more important than just about anything is your content. Just work on your content for now... make sure that it is quality, that you are serving and helping people on every page. I took him at his word and about a week or two later I happened to open up the keyword tool and just plug a word or two in and everything just totally opened up in my head. About a week after that, I started checking my rankings in Google and some of my pages were ranking 1'st, 2'nd and 3'rd page and that's looking them up without the (") quotes around the keywords and phrases and making sure that I was logged out of google. Keep on a moving and you're gonna do great!!!
jangee Premium
Thanks so much Randy, I know I'm just getting myself tied up in knots! I will make sure to keep adding really good content and keep going :0)