Help fixing my ads

Last Update: July 27, 2019

So from a month now am trying to fix my ads with no luck I reach out here

I have reached out to site support and still am having the same problem

I have tried just about everything

Am thinking to delete it and reenter it

Will I lose the couple $ that is there from ads?

This is going on for months now and all the help I received it's still looking like this

Thank you


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DaisyK78 Premium
I dont use Google Ads, sounds very frustrating.
Have you searched for answers by typing in questions in the top box by the pencil on the WA screen?
Janet1919 Premium
I did everything I even ask site support and nothing
Thanks for stopping by

lesabre Premium
Hi Janet, seems you are not alone. I just read a comment from Jimmy and he seems to have some issues. I hope you don't mind but I am going to do a bit of cut and paste with your, to see if Accad is having similar problems.

All the best,

Janet1919 Premium
No problem at all