Writing Content With Intent.

Last Update: February 25, 2018

I just watched this training video, it's timely considering the journey I'm on here within Wealthy Affiliate.

While watching Kyle go through the steps he takes when writing I'm reminded of a datum, learned many years ago when I was involved in a group that conducted intensive levels of training.

Anyway, the datum is; Intention Is Cause. Without intention nothing happens.

It's an empirical truth. Try to make something happen without intention!

So, relating this back to the video training, I found myself nodding in agreement with what Kyle was saying.

If there's no intention behind my content, beyond that of writing content, nothing will come of it.

Thanks Kyle.


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pinclip Premium
Meaningful and correct. Good to go. Thanks
All the Best
Shields High
MiaL Premium
Thanks James. This is a great reminder.
jared247 Premium
Thanks for sharing this. Great training.
JamesAnders1 Premium
Hi Jared,
It is, I'm frequently amazed at the sheer volume of excellent material there's available in WA.

I wish you well in your efforts here at WA.

MKearns Premium
Kyle has it tagged correctly. All content should be purpose driven to the reader/customer's core benefits!
JamesAnders1 Premium
Hi Mike,
Thanks for stopping by, exactly, I see no point in writing some content in answer to their searches without taking them to a product or service which will help them.