Re-setting my training.

Last Update: January 18, 2018

I have decided to return to the beginning of Boot-Camp and do each of the steps again, although I am not too far off finishing it for the first time around I feel it would be a good action. And I think I can create a great long-term business promoting WA/Jaaxy. I doubt it will take long to go through them. There's benefit in going over things one has learnt before. "Many times of something equals certainty plus results." A datum from some high level training I went through within a group I was part for many years. It works.

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imthedamo Premium
I hear you, James, I plan to go back over it as well. I do that with most things I really want to learn. For those things that I have that level of interest in, I have a motto. Learn it until you can teach it.

WA and Jaaxy won't be the only things I promote but most definitely think they will be big ones. They are two of the most valuable and ethical products out there and I don't care how long it takes, I am going to get good at promoting them both.
Chizz Premium
That's a very good idea. It would help you grasp the information a bit better.