Turning Impossibilities Into Possibilities-

Last Update: August 23, 2014

I have been quiet for a while. I like reading what is going on in our community as WA. I know things are not easy although pushing forward is the only solution for any successful person in this world. All along I have been trying my best to put things right at home.And when I say "home" I mean my home country Uganda. Where I invite every WA member to visit one day and enjoy the natural, cool environment the Almighty God bestowed upon us.

What I have learned from my own experience is that, when God gives you an opportunity to live a little longer on this earth, there is always a reason. And I always ask God to show me that before I die.Of course we all expect to die one day. But obviously what I want before I die is to leave a legacy. Not to my family, but to God's people all around me.

Why is everybody struggling? It is because that is what a living person is supposed to do. And the fruits of all the life's struggles is Success. Its is not how much money you have on your account, its not how many mansions you have left behind that will make you successful but what impact of your success to the world to follow your steps.

I have had a dream for 20 years. And that dream is coming to a reality in the next few months from now. It has been a long journey and although all things are not easy to start, once you start rolling, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals in life.

My goal was to start up an Orphanage home in my home country Uganda.Surely all has been a struggle. But I wanted to put up some thing unique. Not like any other Orphanages I have seen before here. I wanted this to be a SPECIAL home for our orphans. With all the facilities to make it convenient for even friends and sympathizers to enjoy a nice stay at the home. A spectacular home for children from 0-18 years.

Located in a beautiful and conducive environment, 40 km from the congested Kampala City, and surrounded by a natural green environment, is where you will find this beautiful home on a 5 Acre piece of land.

You are all welcome to visit us here:http://www.bethelchildrensfoundation.com/

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N.B. I am still building this site and some pages are still missing but as a WA member you can advise on what to add and what to leave out. DO NOT DONATE NOW.Your advice is highly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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KatieMac Premium
great mission in life I am sure you will succeed
james631219 Premium
Thank you for your comment Katie
SonjaHelga Premium
Oh my, what an amazing mission. All the best in this endeavor.
james631219 Premium
Thanks SonjaHelga