First of all my blog is fairly new. I started on it at the beginning of May 2017.

The keywords "French Riviera" is very competitive, and my Google Plus FrenchRivierago account is raking it in! Today (now) I appear 2 times on the first page of Google (one article for travel tips to France (2nd result), and the other for "What to do for a day in Cannes!" (5th result) )

I needed this right now, after the many many hours I've put in for the last 3 months for my 5 blogs). This is an excellent milestone. I am tired, but this accomplishment gives me the juice I need to continue the hard work.

I am not making enough to afford a decent lunch in Cannes, but I can smell success and taste a great lunch at the Carlton in Cannes :D

Don't underestimate the power of posting 1 article every day on Google Plus (I just followed Kyle's booth camp social media lesson). And it's quite alright to post the link for the same article (just wait a week or so).

If you're stuck for traffic, this is definitely something.

Much success to you all.

(that's my profile in the orange dress!)

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LouisaB Premium
Now this an accomplishment! Congrats! This really looks like success.

markr0675 Premium
Awesome achievement James. All that hard work is paying off.
Keep do'in what your do'in!!!!!

ContentBySue Premium
Excellent! Congratulations, James. You've encouraged us all.
Grazka Premium
Congrats! That's great. How do you check Google ranking?
Ivine Premium
Hi James, well done. Irv.
anika2 Premium
Congratulations! It is an encouragement to all of us starting out.