Getting There!

Last Update: September 28, 2019

Today I can say I have a live website. So far its been 3 weeks and while I've still got alot of training still to complete I feel as though being able to google my site, have a site email account and some content on my site is a massive achievement.

I still have no idea how its going to make money, as I don't know how to drive traffic or where to go to get affliate links for what I want to promote but I am just trusting the journey and trusting the experience. Taking this one day at a time and one lesson at a time. I can see the end goal but its all about the journey to get there.

Can I get some stories of other peoples journeys? where they up to ? how they are going? be great to share .

Till next time,

Keep going and going and going and going and well you know whats next haha.


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klchang Premium
Great going, Joseph.
Just stick and follow the training.
Gradually, your website will come into shape.
It takes time ... that is for sure.
Want some success stories? You can check this out when you are free and have the time. Appreciate if you click the like button if it useful to you in any way: All the best and have a wonderful journey here.