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Last Update: February 16, 2017

So, I successfully completed the Online Entrepreneur Certificate, Level 1, and earned my 5th badge and 1st award in completing the Level 1 training.

I also upgraded to Premium, but then I realized I had missed out on so much information from Level 1 and I decided to go through the lessons one more time. The wonderful advantage about this training is that you can redo the lessons over and over again at a pace that suits you until you fully understand the concepts taught! So, don't try to move on too fast.

Also, as I mentioned in my previous blog, do not skip any minute step Kyle is teaching us in the training. Follow it to the letter!

I had to rethink my niche for my 1st website, and I finally came up with a new niche I think will set me in the right direction.

Choosing the right niche is very important, but choosing the right niche the correct way, the exact way Kyle describes in his training, is more important.

Yet again, I realized how important it is to follow the training to the letter, and to ask if you do not understand, or do not know, or if you are not sure how to do something. The WA community is wonderful in their support, and you will get answers and advice very quickly.

Thank you once again to Kyle, Carson and the whole WA community for all the support here. It helps us to move forward in climbing the ladder to success!

Reading some of the testimonials here, makes you more positive and helps you in your perseverance and determination to become successful in the online business. It motivates you to move on. One step at a time!

WA is not a quick way of making money. If you are here to make money quickly, then you are at the wrong place. You need to see the bigger picture. WA is providing the right foundation to help you build an online business that will last a lifetime. It is all up to you at the end. YOU need to make it work. If you sit idle, you will not gain success. Period.

WA is steering us in the right direction. I have gained so much knowledge since I have joined.

Awesome to be here!



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Catwoman1459 Premium
Great post and I agree with you 100%! The lessons are set up in the order needed to help you succeed.
Marcel92 Premium
Hello, Jacob. Thank you for sharing your post. Great information for all member's, especially beginners, Wishing you the best with your online journey.