Some pointers to newbies

Last Update: January 21, 2017

This is what I have learned so far, a few pointers:

1. Kyle, Carson and the Ambassadors are super supportive.

2. This is THE BEST platform online helping you succeeding in your online business venture!

3. The members on WA are very supportive and encourage you all the way.

4. You make new friends every time you log on!

5. It is great to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from their experiences.

6. You need to go through the startup training step-by-step and do not skip anything.

7. Write things down, make notes, or use word doc to type and save your notes.

8. Ask if you do not understand anything. The members on live chat are super-fast to answer and very helpful.

9. It takes long to build your website, so be patient. A business needs a good foundation to be successful at the end. Rome was not built in One day! You will get there.

10. Keep a list of all new online accounts and passwords.

11. Use every free moment you have available to work on your business concept.

12. Just be persistent, be focused, and never give up!

13. Use Facebook and other social media to promote the WA program to family, friends, and Fb groups if your website is not ready yet.

14. Spread the word, it is all about marketing and getting the referrals.

15. Take a break if you feel overwhelmed by all the new content you need to absorb.

16. You need to put in a lot of effort if you want to be successful, like with any other business venture! So, just push on!

I got stuck on the WA free keyword tool, as I am not a premium member yet.

I came to the following conclusion:

I realized that I will not reap the full benefit of all the WA tools available if I do not upgrade to Premium.

Staying on Startup membership will slow down my pace towards success.

If you want to run the race to win at the end, then it is advisable to go Premium in order to gain momentum.

Bottom line, Premium will open many doors to get you where you want to be, much faster!



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jacob23 Premium
I upgraded to Premium, and it was the best decision ever, as I am learning and discovering even greater stuff on Premium that will help me fast tracking to where I want to be with my online business! The training is awesome and super helpful. Thanks to Kyle and Carson! cheers, Jacob
drjec Premium
Good advice for people new to WA. Thanks.
jacob23 Premium
Thank you Jim. Not as experienced as you are, but I am getting here, step by step!! cheers