After first month in WA

Last Update: February 20, 2016

As at 20/02/2016, over a month here in WA, how am I?
Been in WA for over a month now and loving it. At Course 2, and in parallel started Affiliate Bootcamp. At Course 1. Have own website and still much more reading and research to enhance my web site. Work in progress. Steady and surely. Internet knowledge increased 200%++. Much satisfaction testing out Wordpress widgets and features and Web admin tools and tried out also some Google tools. WA has all answers you need to progress. For newbies, like me, Invest quality time to read, seriously try understand key themes presented in each tutorials and training, as these are real practical and working tips from college experts who has this working for them already, and are kindly sharing. Found at time require some needed minor tweaks here and there but nothing impossible. If it does not work and need help. Do not panic. ASK and ASK! Be sure to acknowledge the authors. And invest time to assist others and take ACTION, ACTION, and ACTION on your own training and site development as quickly as you can.

Hint: Add pages, posts, features and add on and fix as you get a feel of this

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MilodonHemi Premium
It's an interesting process.
JackTomon Premium
Hi Joe, Thanks for stopping by. Yes an interesting educating endeavor, and the best one I have found so far. And rewarding one if we stay on on course. Found WA OEP tutorial by Kyle very uplifting only yesterday. In case you have not seen this yet, link for to check this out . To your success. Jack
Michelle04 Premium
Hi Jack. As you have said, it is a work in progress. Sounds like you are doing very well for being here a month. Wish you all the best! :)
JackTomon Premium
Hi Michelle, thank you for dropping by. Yes, working at website, but yet more time on reading and understanding. Awesome help and resource within WA making this possible. Following you. To your continued success. Cheers. Jack