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Hello Wealthy Affiliate family, my name is Jack, I am from a little Country call New Zealand, with 5 million people living there, and believe it or not, we have a woman Prime Minister and she is doing a Wonderful Job for our Country, once again Kyle & Carson, thank you for having me.
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Salut Jack et toute la communauté WA je suis content aussi de faire partie de cette famille Wealthy Affiliate
Pour ma part je vie actuellement sur ile perdue dans l'océan indien dont la population n'atteint pas le million d'habitants localement, mais sinon j'ai vécu en France métropolitaine plus de 30 ans.

Et mon rêve a toujours été de faire partie de grande communauté et de pouvoir partager et évolué ensemble.
JackMata1 Premium
Heureux de t'avoir ici! Je suis du New Zeeland et c'est vraiment un plaisir de t'avoir comme partenaire dans cette grande communauté d'entrepreneurs de WA.
Je suis là pour t'aider à démarrer ton business en ligne.
Donc n'hesite pas de me faire part de tes questions si tu en a.
A votre succès!
Ok je n'y manquerais pas cool
Josh Lanska Premium Plus
Hi Jack, nice to meet you, giving you a warm welcome to WA!

My best advice is follow these 2 simple steps and repeat:
1) LEARN as much as you can..
2) ACT on what you learn! you got this!

Wish you the best as you learn and build your online business!

TheSkipper Premium Plus
Hi Jack and welcome to W.A.

When I first saw your profile photo, I instantly thought "Hulk Hogan had joined WA"! :-)

All joking aside, if you need anything please contact myself or any other member in the community as we all help each other and that is why it is the best community around!

I wish you all the very best Jack!

P.s I think your PM is doing a great job too!

Glynn :-)
Hello, Jack Nice to meet you. It seems to me from what little I know. The Amazon gurus that talk about dropshipping or other things leave out so much of this Program. Can you answer me 1 question There on the people on Facebook pop-up ads talking about setting you up a business and hands-free no-touch system? why can't someone set people up with passive income and just charge a fee or a monthly fee? Again Over my Pay grade. If any help I will be in your debt for a Helping hand later if you needed it
Hanneke1970 Premium Plus
welcome to the WA family I hope you will find what you are looking for at least know that there is more than enough help and that asking questions and interacting with the community will help you further don't expect to earn tons of money within 24 hours this is a long term business for which you have to work quite hard, but with perseverance and the help of the WA family you will really get there

Do you need help setting up your website? any questions are free and I'm happy to help you
JackMata1 Premium
Hi Henneke 1970, thank you for your kind words very much appreciated, well I don't think I will be earning any money with in the next 24hrs, yes I am going to be here for quite sometime, and there's a lot of training here in WA, today is my first week, so I am stuck with my website at the moment, it's easy for you guys, but sure is difficult for me, but not to worry I will get there soon, thanks again for that.
Hanneke1970 Premium Plus
Hi , remember for most of the newbie's that are here the website starting is difficult but ..... at the end most get him up and running i don't think you will be the exception you will get there