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May 22, 2018
Hello my WA friendsThis is just a quick post to share a birthday surprise with you.This picture was taken on Sunday at a local restaurant where I was going with my husband for, what I thought was, a quiet birthday lunch. We drove in the yellow Rolls Royce so I felt quite 'regal' which was fitting as the Royal Wedding had taken place on Saturday!It turned out to be anything but quiet as my four sons and families had decided to join us. As we all live in different parts of the country it is rar
April 25, 2018
On Sunday (22nd April) I took part in Drive-It Day with my husband and friends. This is a national event that happens each year in the UK and involves classic car clubs going out in their cars for a road run and, usually, ending up for lunch.I thought I'd share my day with you as it is something in which I've been able to come involved due to having my own online business. It also gives me the opportunity to share some images of the day which I hope you'll enjoy.As we are in the UK we are usu
5 Years as a Wealthy Affiliate - YippeeAs I started life here as a complete newbie it would be impossible to list everything I've learnt. Just take my word for it - A HUGE AMOUNT!!I've met some of the best internet marketers in the world, all of whom are willing to share their knowledge and experiences to help us succeedBut it isn't just the 'internet stuff' that has had an impact on me.When I started out I was, well, a wreck, quite frankly. My life had taken some strange and unwelcome turns
I'm really struggling at the moment to find topics to write about for my WA blog. But... things have changed and know I'm struggling so I'm asking you a question...What should I write about?Usually, if I find out some information or or have an event in my life I drop a few words letting you know within my WA blog.And to be honest I never usually have a problem in finding words in fact I tend to waffle on about all manner of subjects and have to go back and edit my writing so that I stay on tr
So here we are again. This is my weekly blog post as requested by Kyle in his action points of the Super Affiliate Challenge. I've been reading a lot of post this week about speech to text software and as I've never used this before let me tell you it is a revelation!I read a post this week about using the Dragon Speech To Text software and I think this costs about $250. As I didn't know whether this would suit me or not, I decided to look for free versions and, as luck would have it, Craig
Oh Wow! That first month of the challenge was amazing. It's been great to see all the posts and comments from everybody on the challenge saying how it is having such a positive effect on them. It's definitely given me the boost I needed.Wasn't it hard waiting for Kyle's next training module? I was checking too many times a day until, at last, there it was, 'month 2'. Yippee!I did manage to complete all the tasks eventually apart from writing a WA post each week - hence this post!!!!! But t
Hello Peeps.It's been some time since I wrote a blog post here but wanted to let you know my thoughts about the Super Affiliate Challenge. To be perfectly honest, I've been going through the training step by step and have just come across the action of posting here (on WA) at least once a week so that's one action I can't tick off this month!!!Last year wasn't a particularly good one for me and my family but things sorted themselves out just before Christmas and Kyle's challenge came at just t
November 09, 2017
There have been times this year when I couldn't give my best to my business but because I have an online business and put into practive everything I've learnt here at Wealthy Affiliate I've still have an income from my business.I've had a very poorly son at home for the last 8 months and chemotherapy has taken its toll on us all but, thankfully, it looks like he is on the mend and will be able to resume life in the new year. I'm a very happy Mummy now!This means that my business doesn't have to
I wanted to celebrate my 4th year anniversary with you, my Wealthy Affiliate friends.It hasn't all been a breeze and there have been times when I wanted to give up and spend the rest of my days in a lighthouse with the occasional supermarket delivery.But, unusually for me, I have stuck with this internet marketing thingy and still love every minute of it.I came here as an absolute newbie and have had to learn a whole new skill set which is an ongoing process, let me tell you!!This is an amazing
February 11, 2017
HelloIf you are like me and your artistic talents appear to be buried deep, deep down in your list of talents, you may have come across Canva in your internet travels.I've been using Canva for a couple of years now and love it to bits.I suppose the best thing about Canva is it's FREE.Anyway, I wanted to share with you my latest find within Canva An Infographic Builder!I've wanted to put infographics on my website for ages but didn't have the time to learn how to do it properly.The Canva program