I'm going for it this year!

Last Update: December 01, 2017

Hello WA's!!

So I've been with Wealthy Affiliate for a year and I have enjoyed every minute of it!! It is THE BEST platform to learn all you need to know about Affiliate and Internet Marketing.

Within the second month of joining, I made my first sale via Amazon and it was through the training here that I was able to accomplish this, so I KNOW the strategies being taught here work!!

However, I've not been able to work on my site as I would have liked to, due to me studying as well as working full-time, but this year I'm through with my studies, so I'm going to put as much time and effort into my website going forward.

To show you how serious I am, my subscription was not due, but I've taken advantage of the Black Friday yearly deal and I will be setting goals towards making my site a profitable one.

For each year that I've paid my subscription, I'm going to claim that amount back and more through my website!!

Hope you are all with me on this.

I would like to encourage everyone reading this.

Keep on keeping on with the training here and promoting your business.

If you can, make the 'sacrifice' and go yearly so you don't have to worry about paying each month. Then have the mindset that you are going to reclaim back those yearly subscription fees through revenue you will make on your website.

Best wishes!!

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MKearns Premium
The website is the great equalizer Jackie
JackieSmith Premium
Definitely Michael!!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Jackie.
JackieSmith Premium
You're welcome Roger.

Best wishes.
RandyL1 Premium
Nicely done Jackie!

JackieSmith Premium
Thanks Randy.