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July 26, 2018
It's Christmas in July now that I have finished training through level 5!
What I want to do is sell scuba diving equipment. I could consider getting into promotion of vacations related to scuba diving. As I go along and get some kind of traffic I am sure to come up with new directions to follow with my website. Maybe I will create some new sites and/or promote WA. To date my posts describe and discuss and review equipment. I am promoting some more technical equipment and have one post related to wreck salvage and will do more related to commercial diving, gold d
July 03, 2018
I've done quite a bit of work so far in the 2-3 months here. This blog is part of the last section of Level II training that I am about to finish off. I have pushed ahead well into Level III already. Having been a scuba diving instructor for 26 years, a niche in diving equipment is kind of a natural for me. It appears to be a very competitive space, but based on Kyle's advice I am trying not to worry about that so far and will focuson content. My website is up and ranked by Google. I plan to ad