So Close To A First Page SERP Listing

Last Update: Jan 7, 2017


My site has finally reached the 3 month mark and on a whim... thought I'd punch one of my keyword phrases into Google. I've done this before with discouraging results. I've searched as deep as page 40 and still found nothing, long after the SERP's aren't even relevant anymore.

So, I stopped looking at Google for validation. Why punish myself?

Today, for some reason I thought some discouragement might be a good idea... so I did it. Typed those keywords in and clicked search...

I started scrolling down page 1... and there it was. My article! The last one on the first page. Could it really be possible? This is a keyword that includes "Affiliate Marketing" in it. I didn't think it ever had much of a chance.

But wait... Google knows more about us than we know about ourselves and they give us the results we're looking for. I might be getting excited for nothing.

So I deleted all my history related to my site. I tried on different browsers and devices... and sure enough, I was no longer on page one. I searched as far as page 10 and knowing how this usually plays out, decided there was no reason go any further.

How could deleting my history take me from page 1 to non-existent?

Maybe I missed it. So I looked one more time. Nope... nothing on page one. Page 2 though... there my article was at the very top.

So close to a first page listing... But page 2? I'll take it, and punch the air in success... lol.

It's a small success, but validation that what WA teaches does work if you keep at it.


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A real confidence booster Jay, keep striving.

Thanks. Will keep striving to my final breath :-D

When you do your keyword research for an article, look for several other relevant keywords that have low competition but some traffic. Ones you might not decide to write whole articles about. They usually fit right into what you'll be writing about.

Use them as header topics in your article when they fit. Kyle talks about how 1 article can rank all over Google. Terms that people enter into google can trigger your site to show, and they can come from any part of your article.

But all these words on your article won't bring much traffic if you aren't using those buzz keywords.

The headers h2, h3, even h4 & h5 get more attention so use those other keywords there. That way you are targeting smaller keywords that can rank but will also bring traffic. :)

And keep writing. That's the best way to get your rankings up. Also remember to interlink your articles as much as possible.

Great advice. Really appreciate it... so many things along the way seem obvious AFTER you learn about them lol.
Thanks for the advice,

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