Sudden Traffic Spike

Last Update: November 12, 2017

On November 6th my traffic suddenly started increasing! I've been successfully managing to post at least once a day lately, but I noticed that the main source of all this new traffic I am getting was about a post I wrote about 3 months ago.

The QSR of the post was around 90, and my ranking for the post was at around the 8th page, so I was confused, thinking "would people really go all the way down to page 8 for this keyword, but then looking into my acquisition, I realized that it is possible people are getting on my page because I am ranking through a different variation of the keywords I am using!

This makes me wonder if I should reconsider how I do my opening paragraphs. I understand that keyword spamming is not a good thing to do anymore, and in fact will get me in trouble, but do you think it is ethical to use keywords in the first paragraph if it makes sense and still drives the content to be engaging?

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marquisL Premium
Woah! congrats man hopefully one day I'll get that too but nonetheless, glad to see a buddy getting some success :D!
ItsJake Premium
Thanks a lot, man, It took me a year, although, in all honesty, I took about 6 months off. Keep at it though, you'll get there. I wish I would have kept going back around May-August. Just a lot of keyword studying, content creation, and dedication! I believe in you!
MKearns Premium
Just write as you always do the keywords will fall in line!
ItsJake Premium
Thanks for your reply Paul. I used to make sure all my articles where below 100 QSR or else I would abandon the idea of writing about it as I thought I would never be seen, but I now have a different mindset on this idea, as I can see now that it is possible to be ranked for multiple keywords
PMbaluka Premium
The best thing with search engines is to credit you for multiple keywords. In one of the lessons, Kyle talks about writing freely without minding about keywords. Its so amazing that Google ranks the article for different keywords and this is how your article has found new traffic.