3 Reasons You Should Use Slideshare In Your Marketing Efforts

Last Update: November 14, 2013

As internet marketers, we are constantly looking for ways to get our site or brand out to the masses.One method you should consider is utilizing the power of social media giant Slideshare. I personally use it in my marketing and it has definitely paid off.

Slideshare is the largest social media community for sharing presentations.Content can be created in Powerpoint, Word, or PDF format and uploaded to Slideshare to be shared with its community.

You may be wondering why should this be of interest to you? Because even though Slideshare has been around for seven years, the site averages monthly logs of 51 million visitors! And they show absolutely no sign of slowing down.

So by learning to create great content for Slideshare and by leveraging its power, you can increase traffic to your site significantly. Here are the top three reasons why:

1. SEO Benefits

Savvy marketers are reaping the benefits of the Slideshare’s SEO power. By inserting links in your channel, description, and in the documents themselves, you can generate tons of referral traffic. Some marketers claim that even mediocre efforts on Slideshare has increased their traffic by hundreds of visitors a week.Search engines love Slideshare because the site automatically transcribes your presentations and will insert a description of that document for search engine purposes. This is very powerful for all you keyword optimization junkies!Needless to say, Google, Yahoo, and Bing loves Slideshare and you can get an additional search engine result for your keywords – one from your site and one from Sildeshare.

2.Boost Your Expert Status

My chosen niche is in personal development.As such, I am often speaking at various engagements. By modifying and uploading those speeches to Slideshare, I not only receive more traffic to my blog (because I included a link in my channel’s profile), but it also make it easier for my speaking audience to go back and review my speech.As an extra bonus, visitors are allowed to comment on my Slideshare speeches, which allows me to connect with them, get criticism and suggestions, and craft better speeches.All of this makes me a go-to expert in my niche and can often lead to more speaking gigs.

3.Recycle Your Content Marketing Campaign

Slideshare can give your content marketing strategy a boost and increase traffic to your site.Let’s say you are promoting content via articles, blog posts, and downloadable content such as free reports and infographics.By converting that content to Powerpoints and putting it on Slideshare, you can inject new life into that content and gain new leads.PR Giant Maccabee reports that when they posted a popular infographic from their site to Slideshare, they received over 800 views, which resulted in more traffic and new leads directed back to their site.

So if you are looking for new ways to market your site and brand, you should consider Slideshare as a social media avenue. A couple of final tips:

  1. Be sure to build a complete Slideshare profile, including a description, industry, link to your site, other social media links, and a logo.
  2. Research other companies and corporations that are successful on Slideshare and model your campaigns after them.
  3. Get involved in the community – follow other people on the site and comment and like presentations that you come across.

In time, you will see big dividends from your Slideshare efforts!

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DaveAckerman Premium
A really good and informative post. Thank you very much. - Dave.
Ithamar Premium
Thank you. Slideshare is very powerful, but few people actually use it so it can really help newbies get their sites out there.
judebanks Premium
Thanks, Ithamar for your helpful post. I didn't know much about Slideshare, though I have heard about it. Now I feel much better informed about its advantages. I shall check it out for sure. Much appreciated. Can we download and embed our slideshare project to our own website, or do have we send people to visit the Slideshare site? ~ Jude
Ithamar Premium
Yes you can embed into your site, and also links back to Slideshare.
tombo87 Premium
Great post, thanks for sharing!