How to Build an Authority Site

Last Update: December 20, 2018

To build an authority site online, you must understand certain metrics for improving your Alexa ranking status. What you basically need to improve your Alexa ranking are:

  • Building domain authority
  • Building page authority
  • Getting inbound links the right way
  • Building citation flow
  • Building trust flow
  • Building Google Page Rank for your site and many others

Once you're very okay at all of the metrics stated above, be sure to start receiving higher rankings in Google and other search engines.

In this post, I'm going to enumerate the right tips that will help you build an authority site in the online world. This is what makes a disparity between the category that are working consistently and those that are not working on their blogs consistently.

The blogging jourmey doesn't end somewhere. It extends forever. The secret about blogging successfully is consistency. It's the key strategy for building out a blogging empire.

Have you come across authority blogs ever? Quickly go and check them out and watch their publishing frequency. You'll find that they're the best at implementing the working strategies, whereas, they're already earning thousands and millions from their blogs daily, weekly and monthly without limits.

Why do they implement the frequency strategy to the core? They understand better that content is king and search engines pay much more attention to those bloggers that publish posts more frequently than others as far as ranking sites is concerned.

Do you want to know the secret of success when it comes to blogging? If your answer is positive, let me tell you today that there's no other secret formula for becoming successful online rather than being consistent as well as building your business on the proven fundamentals.

Mention a million strategies to blogging here - And you'll find that consistency is the key without which all the million strategies will amount to no result.

Now that you've heard a bit about what really works when it comes to building an authority site in regard to being consistent, what are those tactics you need to implement? What are those useful tips you must follow to become a pro blogger in your niche.

  1. Have the right mindset
  2. Do blogging with passion
  3. Observe all of your daily blogging routines persistently
  4. Publish content every day if your site Alexa ranking status is still below the STRONG or VERY STRONG status.
  5. Build engagement with your readers
  6. Respond to all comments on time, preferably within a 24-hour period
  7. Be active on social media sites

Have the Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is the pioneer step towards trying to build an authority site in the online world. If you don't want to set the kind of blogging goal that will never come to reality, then try to incorporate the right mindset into blogging. This is the only way out. That's how it simply works.

If it doesn't work out on time as expected, you'll easily give up and quit. How would Arianna Huffington have known today that his blog could be generating him $10 million monthly now if he had given up and quit 4-6 months after he got started with blogging?

He stayed back and continued adding more efforts, persistence, consistency, diligence and all of that to blogging and eventually found that he became the richest blogger in the world today.

Do Blogging with Passion

Passion is the originator of success when it comes to building the kind of blogging empire that the world will always love to visit.

When you blog with passion, you won't ever see the rigors in blogging, though there are. If you continue to add passion to blogging, you will not see blogging as a battle anymore but something you can't do without like a hobby, though it's a battle. What others cannot accomplish in 12 months, you'll accomplish in 1-2 months. Are you shocked to hear this? Yes, that's true whether you believe it or not.

Observe All of Your Daily Blogging Routines Persistently

How often do you observe your blogging routines? What do you basically understand by the term "Blogging routines"? The important blogging routines include:

  • Daily posting
  • Daily engagement on your site and on social media sites
  • Daily outreaching to the audience
  • Daily building of inbound links
  • Daily socializing; and many more.

Publish Content Every Day if Your Site Alexa PR is Still Below the STRONG or VERY STRONG Status

Always check your Alexa ranking position in the blogging world to see if your PageRank is still below the Strong or Very Strong status.

If it's found below, then it becomes mandatory for you to start publishing content every day so far you wouldn't want to stay behind the top Page Rank for months and years ahead. This is real whether you accept it or not.

Build Engagement with Your Readers

As you already know this, there's no way you can build an authority site without being helpful or engaging to others. There's no way you can become a pro if your blog isn't so helpful to the struggling veteran and newbie bloggers out there.

Start blogging like a pro and make sure you make your blogging empire an internet marketing clinic for your potential readers out there.

Respond to All Comments on Time, Preferably Within a 24-Hour Period

Do you really want to pool the crowd when it comes to building traffic? Then start building engagement the right way. Once you've received comments, check to see if such comments are attention-grabbing, authentic and relevant to the post. Once found okay, approve right away and respond within a 24 -hour period.

In case you might not be aware yet, the readers who comment on your blog posts are always eager to hear from you in earnest. They're always anxious to know if their comments have been approved or not, and responses have been posted under their comments or not yet.

Stay Active on Social Media Sites

How have you been leveraging the social media platforms of today? Hope you've made adjustments along with the social media recent changes in operation! Before the media went fully-monetized, it was easier to get almost instant traffic especially on Facebook. But now that everything is about Ad packages, getting such an amazing amount of traffic is no longer feasible.

Despite all, if you can stay active creating posts every day as well as helping folks solve their problems, you'll find that you can still make the most out of socializing.

As for Ad packages, I wouldn't ask anyone to go into spending so much money in respect of that as I've got a lot of negative feedbacks from very many folks testifying to it that they can't get conversions despite their investment into Facebook Ads and all of that.

There's nothing so sweet like being helpful to others, being consistent in all blogging routines as well as having the right mindset towards blogging. Absolutely, there's nothing so great like building your empire on the solid, proven blogging pillars.

Your Turn

Having read some tips towards building an authority site here, you might want to contribute from your basic/professional blogging ideas to the topic. You might want to share your useful, super blogging experience to folks out there. So, don't hesitate to leave a comment in the box below.

If you ever need a hand with anything going forward in your business, don't hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below this post and I'd be more than happy to get back in earnest.

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lakbar12 Premium
Great article! I just took your advice and checked my site on Alexa. Well, at least I assume I did it right, by going to Right now, Alexa says there is no data that can be read.

I think it is because my site is less than 30 days old. Thanks for sharing the tips on becoming an authority figure. I will definitely implement the steps and take action. Thanks for sharing, Israel.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for your comment, lakbar12! Kudos for the reading! Not to worry at all! As you continue building your site implementing the working strategies, you'll soon watch your site skyrocket in search engine result pages (SERPs). With persistence, consistency, and diligence, you'll achieve this soon. Thanks for stopping by, friend!

Israel Olatunji
juanster2017 Premium
Thanks for sharing this post it is very helpful
Israel17 Premium
Thank for finding my post helpful, juanster2017! Kudos! Building an authority site in the online world is as easy as that, though consistency, persistence, and diligence pay off if incorporated into blogging. You just need to incorporate these attributes while observing daily routines. Thanks for your visit! Thanks for the comment! See you at the top soon!

You may also go through any of the following resources at your leisure. They provide useful blogging tips to become successful online. Israel Olatunji
accad Premium
Wow, you enriched my knowledge on authority site and encouraged me to go for it.
Thank you.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for appreciating my humble blogging stuff, Accad! Kudos for the reading! I know we actually need one another in this business when it comes to getting some encouragement and motivation. Thanks for your lovely visit! See you at the top soon!

Israel Olatunji
Cynthia1423 Premium
Hello Israel,
This is a great post, thank you for sharing, question, what is internal links? I do have some knowledge, wanted to know your knowledge on this.

I am going to have to work on getting more content out on the internet, or I am going to get someone to help me write content, I have to do research before I post content, which can take time,so it can be of quality and I work a full time, but it can be done.

I am working on engaging with social media, but that's going to be covered, by a social media company, so I can concentrate on blogging, it takes up a lot of my time.

well everything in my world is just starting, been here for 3 months its been a wonderful journey, all my content is rank 1st page on google,so I would like to keep it there.
Israel17 Premium
Hello Cynthia1423, thanks for stopping by! Kudos for the reading, passion, and commitment! You'll surely become a rock star soon in the online world. Let me answer your question below.

Internal links are hyperlinks that are used to link up several posts and pages on the same website. They're mainly used for:

1. Incorporating quick navigation into a website
2. Creating a hierarchy of information for a website
3. Boosting the ranking potential of a website in search engines.

Glad to know how far you've gone in building your site so far! You're a rocking blogger in the blogging world. Keep rocking your blog. Keep rocking WA. Keep rocking the online world.

Thanks for your lovely visit!

You may also go through any of the following resources at your leisure. They provide useful blogging tips to become successful online. Israel Olatunji
Cynthia1423 Premium
Thanks Israel,
For the educational post.
davehayes Premium
Great post and most of the content I agree with, not entirely sure about the Alexa bit, but thats just me

Certainly the rest of it is true and you do have to have all those qualities to be an authority on your subject

With Authority comes attraction, comes money

Well done For sharing Israel
Israel17 Premium
Yes, Dave! Thanks for your comment! Kudos for the commitment! When the authority comes, attraction follows and making money is guaranteed. Alexa rank is the rank information of websites analyzed by Alexa - a company responsible for maintaining traffic data of sites. You need this as most companies who look for information search by Alexa rank. Thanks for your visit!

Israel Olatunji
davehayes Premium
Reason I mention about Alexa, is that true its an internet information company, which used to be free, but now you have to pay fro the services, so I am not so sure it provides an entirely true reflection of whats around, but like I say thats me
Israel17 Premium
Alright, Dave! Thanks for getting back! Glad to hear from you again! Wish you much success in the online world, my friend!
davehayes Premium
You Too Israel