Stop that noise in your head!

Last Update: February 24, 2017

Since I joined WA 3 months ago, my head has been making more noise than usual.

I guess you know the feeling... thousands of daily thoughts about business opportunities lining up in your head, trying to get a chance to be heard and put to work.

I have to say, some days I've felt overwhelmed and a little lost inside my own mind trying to find out how to prioritize what was going on up there.

But then, I found the cure to that.

The noise will still always be there, but you won't pay attention to it, and it won't distract you anymore. You just need to breathe deeply, stop for a second and focus on just one of the ideas, and make the most of it.

The ones lining up will have to wait, just write all them down on a sheet of paper, and when the first one is working, then go for the second, and so on.

One step at a time is the best way to handle this.

Don't rush it. That feeling of finally finding the answer to your prayers, of knowing at last with way to go can make you reckless if you do not control it.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is awesome, It's easy to follow, thorough and really focused on making your online business successful, so you just have to put that to work without skipping any of the lessons, and evrything will fall into place.

I hope this also works for you and helps you stop the continuous flow of thoughts WA triggers on people with dreams and hopes.

Wishing you all the best!



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kasage00 Premium
I also have a million thoughts of business opportunities in my head, and when the day will come to leave this dead-end office job and start bringing in the money from online businesses. All I can say is the more I keep active with my online businesses (article writing, shopify stores, etc) the sooner I can leave that office job.
iscool78 Premium
So true, Karin! ;)
MKearns Premium
Congratulations on dealing with noisy buzzing objects!
iscool78 Premium
Thanks! It's not easy really, but actually I'd rather have too many ideas than none at all. The important thing is to handle them appropriately :)
amgolf Premium
Try meditation will help you. Look at the noise and let it say.
Your mind making the work and process. Just let it work as it can.
No try to stop just look at it. Peace with the working brain.
iscool78 Premium
Yeah! Meditation is good for this matters, it keeps your mind still.
The key is just to put your mind in order and start from the beginning doing one thing at a time.
Thanks for your tips, my friend!
Hedders Premium
I hear you.Write things done works well,get a few notebooks and put pen to paper.One thing at a time stick to it and never give up
iscool78 Premium
That's it, my friend!