New Website Indexed!

Last Update: August 23, 2021

It's the start of a new week here in the WA community and I discovered that my new site has just been indexed by google this morning!

Even though I'm still keeping up my primary niche - which is photography - I've been pondering branching out into a secondary niche and site for some time now - primarily to push myself out of my comfort zone and commit myself to blogging more.

Though I do understand that I'll need to really commit and manage my time when it comes to managing two websites now - I feel that I'm ready for the challenge, and it will also be a valuable learning experience for me as I continue to grow as a blogger.

Thanks for reading!
I hope everyone has a great week


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helenwentri2 Premium
congratulations, great job.
Jocelyn30 Premium
Congratz Isaiah, keep up the good job!

Dadaz123 Premium
Congratulations, Isaiah! Your training at Wealthy Affiliate coupled with effective time management strategies will see you through.
Isaiah14 Premium
Thanks Dada!
Jesusfan Premium
Congratulations, Isaiah, on getting your second website indexed.

I think we know when we are ready, and I'm sure you are up for the challenge.

Isaiah14 Premium
Thank you, Lynn!
JeannineC Premium
That's really great news, Congratulations! Now you'll be double-busy, but you'll also find that you learned so much from creating your first site that your second site will be much easier.