A Year in and it's Become a Way of LIfe

Last Update: November 17, 2018

Funny how life is, you just take to some things and others they come and go. I am a recovering alcoholic, for example, involved in 12 step work, thank God I have taken to that program. I have taken to this one just the same. With so much crap being promoted WA is definitely the shiny city on top of a hill.

I have not had any financial success with Wealthy Affiliate and to some or maybe many that might sound like a waste of time. To me, my growth I must journey through is measured in other ways akin to revenue and is manifested in emotional stability and focus.

I am at that stage where the foundation is being built and one day the building will appear as if it were magic. This may take another year or many but I will stay the course. I am a classic underachiever. I am fully aware of my potential, yet I allow my fears to conquer me quite often. Not completely or for long, however.

So like my recovery community, WA is my support that keeps me in the game. I may never have success at this affiliate marketing stuff in the way most would see it but for me right now, success is getting up, dusting myself off and continuing the journey with lessons learned. My WA friends help me do that every time. I could not see leaving this community for any reason.

As time goes, I still have the goal of getting to Vegas and when I do, what a great moment that will be.

Keep building, keep helping, keep loving each other and great things will come to pass.

Can you dig it?

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smartketeer Premium
Happy anniversary Damian!

I agree ... Getting up and continuing the journey with lessons learned ... is more important than anything else ... including money.
MKearns Premium
Not bad. You average about 1 post/week!
joerice Premium
I can totally relate to what your saying it is about more than the money.